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Feb 24 ~ Charlotte View: "Energetically YOU!" by the Light Retreat in Charlotte 02/24 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Health Podcasts

Feb 24 ~ Charlotte View: "Energetically YOU!" by the Light Retreat in Charlotte 02/24 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Health Podcasts

Do you know what Light Therapy is? Would you like to try one session FREE? Listen and find out!

Listen to Charlotte View Internet Radio 's interviews with Carol Lovell
Calvert ~ during these series of chats/interviews we will explore Light
Therapy (uses, research, modalities, impact on health), Energy
Medicine, Spirituality and Light, Water Activator Advantages, etc

Call in number: (805) 830-8344 (please press #1 when you are ready to post a question or comment)
Category: Light therapy at Lighting Up Charlotte
Visibility: Public
Duration: 60 minutes
Showtime: Monday, February 24, 2014 at 12:00:00 PM
Short Link:

We are all energetic beings comprised of and supported by frequency,
light and sound. Not only are we made of light, but we also generate
light. That personal, literal light radiates from deep within our
bodies. It also streams right through from outside to the inside of us,
not stopping for skin or clothing. Because we consist of light, our
energetic boundaries are nothing more or less than light

Carol L. Calvert 704-241-6103 cell/ Light Room 704-729-GLOW / fax 866-742-1224

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Feb 14 ~ Charlotte View presents: Stop Being Single 5 New Rules of the Decade by Dr. Dar

Feb 14 ~ Charlotte View presents: Stop Being Single 5

 New Rules of Decade by Dr. Dar

Based on her seminar/workshop  

"Dating & Love & Sex & Dreams" in Charlotte, NC

Dating skills to find love and be loved in a committed relationship that's uniquely yours.
Help successful single women stop being single, love and be loved, and have lasting relationships that are uniquely theirs.
Company Overview
Stop Being Single was created by @AskDrDar for single women who are successful in their careers but suck at relationships, dating and love.

Charlotte View's Valentine Day with Dr. Dar 

Charlotte View is pleased to announce our Valentine's Day most avid advocate, Dr. Darshana Hawks "Dr.Dar". She is the Founder of Stop Being Single, a Human Design based system that increases your chances to find love and be loved in a committed relationship that's uniquely yours. Dr. Dar is helping hundreds of successful single women stop being single, love and be loved, and have lasting relationships that are uniquely theirs.
Based on her seminar/workshop ""Dating & Love & Sex & Dreams" that has been of great success in Charlotte, NC

It is only natural for those interested in the Human Design System to want to know how the knowledge can be applied to their relationships with others. After all, since the knowledge can tell us so much about ourselves, it stands to reason that it can also tell us much about how and in what way we have a predisposition to interact with specific others.

The most intimate sharing of two people is through their aura to aura connections - where the conditioning field from one to the other takes place immediately and continuously. Have you ever wondered why the chemistry between you and your parents and siblings remains consistent no matter how much life experience you have had?
There are many things to consider:
  • Should it be type for type, as in Generators with Generators, Projectors with Projectors?
  • What affect does the profile have on the connection?
  • What chemistry operates within the play of someone having one Gate and their partner (or partner to be) having the Gate at the other end of the channel?
  • Does it impact us if two people share the same Channel?
  • What is the affect if their partner has not one Channel the same?
  • What is the result of someone having a full Channel and someone else having just a Gate in that channel?
  • What if their predisposition in environment is the different?
  • Does the patterning beneath the line have an affect?
  • What if one person has Open Centres where the partner has fixed centres?
These and many other questions can be answered with the help of a trained analyst.

Love & Be Loved Take Away:  

  • Go away refreshed, energized, and full of committed connection with your partner.
  • Learn communication tools that will deepen your emotional connection.
  • Ask for and get your needs met inside and outside the relationship.
  • Learn how to communicate so that you are heard and loved.
  • Create a mutually satisfying long lasting love affair with your partner!

Why Dr. Dar 
Dr. Dar has learned what it takes to create a long lasting, supportive, and loving relationship – she has been joyfully married for almost 14 years…to the same fabulous man.
She has decades of training in communication, relationships, human behavior, coaching, and more…and she wants to share it all with you on this special night of celebration of love and couple-hood.
Learn more about Dr. Dar here

 Join Us for a Special Transmission of Communication!

 Love Him, Love Her by Dr. Dar

for couples who are looking to bring back happiness to their relationship

Dr. Dar's Exceptional Relationship Tools Involve the Human Design System and Other Love Tools that Will Leave You Amazed.

  • Communication Magic – Tools to Promote Love through Talking and Being Heard
  • Learn the 5 motivations for taking action in your relationship and what motivates your partner
  • Trigger Pattern Disruption – Managing through your partner’s emotion/upset
  • 3 Ways your Human Design is Helping or Hurting Your Relationship
  • Special Edible Munchies
  • A glass of wine to toast each other in the name of LOVE
  • 20 Minute Love Light Resonance Couples Session with Carol Calvert at the Light Retreat

I've been sharing with some of you about the Human Design System and how it can change lives..Dr. Dar 

1. Immediate Benefits of Knowing Your Design
2. Three Effortless Ways to be your Self
3.The Inner Authority for Clear Decision Making
4.The Release of Attempting to Control Aspects of Your Life...
5.Freedom from What Others Think of You
6.Transform Mis-Takes to Miracles
7.Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others, Leverage the Strengths of Each Other
8.Laugh More
9.Build the Power of Trust
10.Gain the Confidence to Know, Love. and Live Your Life Full Out
11.Experience Profound Growth and Expansion
12.Be Madly in Love With Your Self

What Couples Say:

                                                                                                                              “With Dr. Dar, I feel hopeful about my future and my relationship with my future partner. I also feel secure in knowing I have  “With Dr. Dar, I feel hopeful about my future and my relationship with my future partner. I also feel secure in knowing I have practical tools to use to continue to transform dating to find love and the thriving partnership I truly want with all my heart.”
“Dr. Dar’s gift of spiritual Truths come freely out of her during a conversation as if she’s been working and living these Truths most of her life. She embodies everything a Coach should be, in my opinion. Wise, Truthful, sincere, loyal, fair, Honest, and most of all, Wise. What we look for in going to someone else for help in whatever areas we are working towards in our lives is someone who knows more than we do, that can already see the bigger picture.  She is wise beyond her years, a coach that I am only too honored to have found. Since I was experiencing my current, 20 year relationship as less than wonderful, I hired Dr. Dar to coach me and then to coach both my husband and me. Dr. Dar’s work with us covered soup to nuts – meaning from grocery shopping to finances to dissecting a simple communication interchange to sex. After our work with her, I began to notice that my communication with others was cleaner, more precise and I am learning to be clear about when agreements are made and what they really are and to be aware when they are left incomplete and what the results are. I have and would refer Dr. Dar to others because of her commitment to her clients and the work that she does with purpose and clean intention. She produces in hours what it would take others months – even years. I have worked with many coaches and counselors and Dr. Dar stands out because of her ability to listen behind the words and to ask the very laser-like questions that get to the heart of the matter in ways that allow the client to discover underlying patterns that have held them stuck for years.   My daughter was in an abusive relationship and Dr. Dar accomplished in 4 hours what a psychologist could not in 10 months!”
“I felt the energy shift during our session, and within weeks the new and wonderful changes started manifesting in our lives personally and in our relationship. My husband had work within a few weeks that was fulfilling to him both emotionally and financially. Since one of the biggest challenges in our relationship was my frustration with being the “money maker”, once my husband had work I felt more enthusiasm about getting back to work myself, and my business is starting to be productive again. It feels as though a big stumbling block has been removed: a stumbling block that almost led us to separating. We are communicating better, we’re kinder to each other, and we enjoy being together again. We both treat each other respectfully … not because we “should”, but because we want to. Dr. Dar assisted us in taking what feels like giant steps in our personal growth, which of course is reflected in our marriage.We feel in love again. Dr. Dar has been a blessing to our marriage.”

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Nov 22 ~ Charlotte View: "Ask Dr. Dar" your Relationship Expert 11/22 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Relationships Podcasts

Nov 22 ~ Charlotte View: "Ask Dr. Dar" your Relationship Expert 11/22 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Relationships Podcasts

Showtime: Friday, November 22 at 5:00 PM EST
Category:  Relationships
Call in Number: (805) 830-8344
Duration: up to 60 minutes
Short Link:
Please Befriend Charlotte View on Facebook:

Description: Charlotte View is pleased to announce "Ask Dr. Dar", a show that could possibly be the answer on how to achieve or maintain "happiness" in your relationships (of any kind). Dr. Dar's Internet Radio Show allows callers to call (805) 830-8344 and get Advice for Building Relationships that are Healthy, Happy and Satisfying

Short Link:

Dr Dar, is an Internationally renowned Relationship and Communication Expert and a TV celebrity in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Dar is a favorite in the press. Her unique and fresh approach to relationship and communication topics are highly sought for event planners, speaking agencies, and in the press. She has decades of training in communication, relationships, human behavior, coaching, and more. During this show:

  • Dating Strategies for finding true love and life partners
  • Break the cycle of failed relationships and stop attracting "the wrong ones"
  • Releasing and understanding your fears so you can start dating again
  • Couples Strategies to improve your communication and listening abilities
  • Help you get the clarity to the question: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Utilize your born skills to listen and be heard in all your relationships
Dr. Dar  /  (704) 846-0932   /   /  Facebook

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Announcing the First Psychic Gallery in Charlotte, NC with the power of MANY ~ Saturday November 23 by Charlotte View

Announcing "By Invitation Only"
the newest way to experience a Psychic Gallery
with a Simply Fabulous Team
When: "By Invitation Only" this Saturday, November 23 at 5 PM ~ 
Location: 16748 Bridgehampton Club Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29707
For only $20 be part of the first EVER collective Psychic Gallery in Charlotte, NC.

Beatrice Bates Gordon & Claudia Castelazo de Pureco
Bjorg Oladottir Benmakhlouf, Lauren Logan Medium
, Kelly Taylor Richardson,
Jennifer Williams, Darren Cox
, Jay Essex, Berry Newkirk

Please scroll down to learn more about all fabulous Psychics, Readers, Mediums, Healers, Light Workers
 The Power of Many.  Be part of a growing trend and meet our team of Intuitives, Psychics, Astrologers, Runes Divination, Healers, Angel Whisperers and Lightworkers, who are taking their fears away to join forces to heal, guide and support people in their quest to find their way in life. When you get two, three, five or seven together, just think how that power expounds and that light just shines off the universe!

The simply fabulous TEAM are sending invitations to VIP members of the community to attend an evening of spiritual enlightenment.
But "By Invitation Only" is design so YOU are the one who ultimately invite YOURSELF
If you are reading this page it is because you are meant to come and be part of it.
Simply fill the RSVP form and send it.

Please consider yourself Invited!!





The Power of Many.  Be part of a growing trend and meet our team of Intuitive, Psychics, Astrologers, Runes Divination, Healers, Angel Whisperers and Light-workers, who are taking their fears away to join forces to heal, guide and support people in their quest to find their way in life. When you get two, three, five or seven together, just think how that power expounds and that light just shines off the universe!
Each and everyone one of these individual responded YES to be part of "By Invitation Only" but anyone can be part of it, remember that the invitation comes from your inner being. If you feel you must participate please send us your request at:

After the Grand Gallery 

(5:00 PM -7:00PM)
you can have a 15 min. mini-reading with the reader(s) of your choice (optional and extra $30 love offering):
please note: last minute additions & substitutions are always possible

Bjorg O Benmakhlouf
♦ Energy Healer ♦ Usui Reiki & Alef Reiki Certified ♦ Bones Energy Healing Practitioner
♦ Touch Healing

Bjorg is deeply influenced by her Nordic ancestry, her rich culture, her open minded spiritual upbringing, and by her country described as one of the most magical places on earth, with many hot springs and healing pools that claim to heal a variety of physical ailments, and many “power places” where you feel the life force energy from the center of Mother Earth.
Reiki heals by removing energy blockages and imbalances allowing subtle energy channels of the body to open and function properly in order for natural healing to occur. Reiki often brings new awareness of the mental, emotional and spiritual levels enabling the receiver to leave behind life-limiting emotional pain.
Bjorg can feel where there are blockages and trauma stored in your body. Using her fingertips, she is able to know where to be, your body speaks to her about its pain. She will gently help you release the old trauma.
Mobile: (704) 491-9842    /     Email:

Jay Essex♦ Pineal and Pituitary Glands Activation ♦ Energy worker ♦ Runes Maker and Reader ♦ Numerologist

Jay is one of the leading trusted sources of guidance and inspiration. He is referred as "The Goofy old man in Overalls".
Jay, Your Guide on THIS Side, is a resident in Duluth, Georgia. Once you've been told what actually exists on the other side you'll start to put the pieces together. This is why Jay asks everyone to go inside themselves, breathe deep, relax, and look, feel, and find yourself and true family both. Jay most valued gift is his ability to activate your pineal and Pituitary glands which will raise your Consciousness from an emotional state into a high frequency awareness, resulting the development of supernatural abilities, psychic talent and higher vision. You will experience an increase in your “telepathic” ability, third eye functions, multidimensional travel, clarity, etc.
The information Jay will be giving you will make sense. Your questions will be answered, not brushed aside. He will give you the answers and you decide to keep or release them.
Jay says: "If you're not willing to do so, how can you say you have an "Open Mind", or be a "Seeker of Truth"? Instead you are some one who's desperately holding onto something some one else told you in order to feel comfortable for the moment. That keeps you stuck, stagnant, lost."
Contact Jay at:                 /        Phone: 770-885-5619.

Lauren Logan 
♦ Psychic/Medium ♦ Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient & Clair-cognizant ♦ Tarot Reader ♦ Astrology

Lauren Logan has been communicating with spirit since she was a young child. In fact, it was only in later years that she realized that not everyone had this incredible connection. Believing that everyone has their own path with their own life lessons, Lauren’s personal journey is to help others either find or get back on their true-life paths. Lauren is a very gifted psychic medium who is able to connect with loved ones on the other side. Her readings offer those cherished details of passed love ones that may help with closure, as well as help to identify current issues in the client’s life. This remarkable clairvoyant is also a clairsentient, feeling things, as well as a claircognizant, just simply knowing. Skillful at tarot, Lauren utilizes these talents to help in her readings, a skill she has sharpened over the past 12 years. A Capricorn by birth, Lauren is passionate about her study of astrology, which often assists her in her readings. Her strong connection with spirit brings a unique quality of authenticity that is second to none.

Berry Newkirk
♦ Past Life Recollection ♦ Runes Reading ♦ Career Planning and Career Decision  ♦ Channeling

Berry Newkirk has a BA in Dramatic Arts at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He has spent years devoted to studying and developing his intuitive abilities in order to aid others in bridging the gap between them and their higher selves. He helps businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals how to actually sit down and choose a direction. He helps you identify and avoid the barriers that are preventing you from figuring out what to do next, either on your personal life or your in your business strategy model. Berry will get the information you need to understand and tap into the power of the vibrations hidden within your unique blueprint. He’ll guide you through discovering the unseen energies, manifested through your thoughts and beliefs that either help or hinder you in creating an ultimately fulfilling life. His clairvoyance, guidance and channeling allow him to see and communicate with the Other Side as a means to bring awareness to his clients' own abilities, strengths and areas for improvement to help them on their way.
Email:  / Mobile: (212) 444.8421

Kelly Ann Richardson
♦ Energy Healer ♦ Chakras Balance ♦ Intuitive Guidance and Channeling ♦ Energy Blockage Release & Clearing

She is a light worker, an intuitive and Energy healer! For over a year now, she's been immersing herself into the world of possibilities and has been amazed by what she's been able to learn and remember.
She's studied intuitive work with the amazing Gina Spriggs. She has also studied an energy healing process called Access Consciousness. With Access she can help people release limiting beliefs that might be holding them back. Access Consciousness is a gentle hands-on practice that she combines with other skills like cutting energetic cords that are draining your energy and pulling stagnant energy out of the chakras to return them to balance. Kelly has the ability to tap into a person's energy field to identify together those issues to work. She is a medium and she can channel the angelic realm, a spirit being, a live person or animals.
She enjoys what she does, meeting new people and knowing she has been able to provide help to others.
If you've heard about Energy Medicine, but have no idea what it is...or if you haven't heard of it, even better!...
Email:      /   Mobile  (803) 504-6572

Rev. Jennifer Williams
♦ Psychic/Medium ♦ Future Predictions ♦ Tarot & Runes Reader ♦ Dream Interpretation ♦ Spiritual Consultation ♦ Coaching

Ever since she can remember, Jennifer was able to hear, see and speak to spirits. No one in her inner circle knew about "this gift". She was very scared of it at first, but as time went on she knew there was nothing to be afraid of and embraced her gift. Since she was small she always had a knack and a love for helping people; she had visions on things that were going to happen. People always came to her for advice and support. she became fascinated with the spiritual world, and began to learn about the various religions, and the metaphysical world.
She taught herself how read and interpret tarot cards as well as read runes. She is continuously learning various ways on how to communicate more and more with the spirit world.
She received her ordination in 2008 and she is the founder of The Foundation of Inner Strength Phone: (704) 327-4119

Darren Cox
♦ Light Therapy Practitioner ♦ Musician

Discover the healing power of light with the help of light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. Benefits of using light therapy includes:
  • At Least 24 Positive Biological Changes at the Cellular Level
  • Supplies the Body with Non-Invasive Healing
  • Increases Circulation of Blood, Venous Dilation and Flow & Lymphatics drainage
  • Stimulates Collagen and Increases Lymphatic System Activity
  • Reduces Pain, Inflammation, the Excitability of Nervous Tissue, stress,  Swelling, Muscle Spasms and Tightness
Email:       /     Mobile: 303-588-0959

Event Coordinators

Beatrice Bates Gordon
♦ Angels Whisperer  ♦ Touch Healer   ♦ Ancestral Connector  ♦ Medium

Bea has always loved life and given unconditional love to all. In her self-discovery search, she found that she had dominant gifts, she feels, sees and hears Angels and Guides. She loves to help people through trying times. She has the ability to connect to the inner soul of a person and to the Angelic Realm, where all the information pours down into her readings. Sometimes her answers arrive in a dream or in a thought. She is the founder of Divine Angelic Connection, a relaxing session where a person sits calmly as their inner-being is soothed.  Messages received from above are shared. Sessions can be performed in person or via phone or Skype
Divine Angelic Connection is based on the belief that clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Bea is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, much of her business is from referrals and repeat clients.
Beatrice Bates Gordon welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the information you’ve been waiting to hear
Mobile (704) 293-3578    /   Email:

Claudia Castelazo de Pureco
♦ Executive Director Charlotte View ♦  Event Coordinator ♦ Facilitator

Your Charlotte View host and event marketing coordinator. She is a natural facilitator, spontaneous leader and connector. She is described as the original creative rebel. She has the ability to find new ways to integrate with others and help them express themselves in absolute freedom. She has helped thousands of people to voice their inner desires and their passions, to express that which makes them unique and invaluable in life. She has an innate ability to understand and channel some of the most intricate mysteries of life. She is a traveler of space and an observer. She has the gift of understanding that which lies befond the mind's capability. She is a visual artist and a graphic designer. She was endowed with a God given gift that allows her to breath spirit into her art. When you own one of her paintings you will get more than a pretty scene into your home: healing, clarity and vision.
Mobile (704) 5646443   Email:


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nov 15 ~ Charlotte View: Moral Monday/Forward Together Movement 11/15by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Lifestyle Podcasts

Nov 15 ~ Charlotte View: Moral Monday/Forward Together Movement 11/15 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Lifestyle Podcasts

Charlotte View openly welcomes Rodney S. Sadler, Jr., Ph.D., who has been hard at work in our Charlotte community bringing the message of the Forward Together/Moral Monday Movement. Along with many other leaders in our community, Rodney has shared the mission to spread the word, to encourage the elected officials to do the right thing, and to inspire those in his networks to bear witness in these trying times for North Carolina.
Rodney has been blessed to be able to spread the movement's message to churches, universities, and organizations across the region and, by radio, including Charlotte View, across our nation.
Issues the movement is recognized for and the information we will include in this interview are:
  • The origins, mission and vision of the Movement
  • The challenges, experiences and successes
  • The most important issues they are fighting for, like:
    • the expansion of Medicaid in our state for some 500,000 people in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.
    • Resumption of Unemployment Benefits in North Carolina
  • The upcoming Moral Mondays:
    • on Monday Nov 18th ~ rally/ town hall event to be held at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC at 5pm.
    • Dec 23 the leaders of the movement will personally deliver the message to Governor McCrory during the holiday season that developing policies that hurt the least, lost, and otherwise left out is wrong.

Rodney S. Sadler, Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Bible
Union Presbyterian Seminary 
Charlotte Campus
5141 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
980 636-1667 (my office)
980 636-1700 (Union office)
Please contact Charlotte View if you wish to have an interview with us




In 2012, North Carolina elected a Republican governor, Pat McCrory, and Republicans expanded their majority in both state houses, giving them control of both the legislative and executive branch for the first time since 1870. Since taking office, McCrory has signed into law a number of bills promoting conservative governance, and the legislature has passed or considered a number of other laws which have generated controversy. The bills signed into law by McCrory and proposed legislation have been the target of ongoing "Moral Mondays" civil disobedience protests, organized in part by local religious leaders including William Barber, head of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.


Voting rights

Redistricting and proposed voting rights changes have been a focus of the ongoing protests. North Carolina Republicans benefited from a round of redistricting which took place in 2011, and was used in the 2012 election. The redistricting process was upheld by a three-member panel of state judges in early July 2013, and is expected to be appealed 51% of North Carolina voters chose a Democrat for their US house representative, but Republicans won 9 of the 13 seats up for election.
The state House passed legislation which would require voters to present government-issued photo identification in order to vote and repeals same-day voter registration and limits early voting. Legislators also passed "Equalize Voter Rights", a bill which would revoke the tax credit given to parents if their dependent college student registers to vote at their college/university address. This bill would also require all voters to register their vehicles at the same address as their voter registration. The editorial board of the New York Times called this "a blatant effort to reduce Democratic voting strength in college towns like Chapel Hill and Durham."
McCrory has stated he will sign a revised version of the bill which also includes provisions which end same-day voter registration, reduce early voting, and ends a program which allowed high school students to register to vote prior to their 18th birthdays. The bill also changes regulations for registration, requiring voters to appear in person or mail in a form 25 days in advance of the election. When asked how preventing students from registering in advance of their 18th birthdays would prevent voter fraud, McCrory stated "I don't know enough, I'm sorry, I haven't seen that part of the bill."
In August 2013 McCrory signed into law the revised bill, which was the subject of renewed protests. The NAACP filed suit to halt the law from being implemented.

Cuts to social programs

McCrory signed legislation which made North Carolina the 8th state to cut unemployment benefits since the start of the current recession. In addition to cutting maximum weekly unemployment benefits by 35%, and has reduced the maximum number of weeks of assistance to between 12 and 20, down from 26. This prevents 170,000 North Carolinians from benefiting from federal emergency extended benefits, which require a minimum of 26 weeks of state support. This allows the state's unemployment fund, which became bankrupt over the course of the recession, to become solvent three years sooner. This move was criticized for weakening the safety net when the state had the nation's 5th highest unemployment, and for passing up federal support.
In March 2013, McCrory signed a bill which opts the state out of the expanded Medicaid program of the Affordable Care Act of 2009, which would have provided health care coverage to 500,000 North Carolinians, citing concerns about the sustainability of the program. He has also proposed managing Medicaid accounts, by enrolling patients in managed care programs run by private companies.

Tax changes

Legislators are also considering legislation which remove or lower income taxes, and making up for the lost revenue with an increased sales tax. McCrory distanced himself from this proposal, which was criticized by Art Pope, his deputy budget director, as being regressive. The reform passed will result in some families, retirees and small business owners seeing a tax hike under provisions in the bill and all taxpayers will have to pay some additional sales taxes. The largest tax breaks will go to higher-income earners.

Racial Justice Act

McCrory signed into law a bill which repealed the state's Racial Justice Act of 2009, which allowed inmates facing the death penalty to challenge their sentences on the basis of racial discrimination. His predecessor, Bev Purdue, had previously vetoed similar legislation.

Abortion rights

In early July 2013 the state House unexpectedly attached a number of restrictions on abortion access to a bill described as combating Sharia law. It passed the house less than a day later, but was abandoned after protests and McCrory stated he would not sign it without modifications. An amended version of the restrictions were subsequently added to a motorcycle safety bill. This bill was passed by the state Senate, and became a subject of the protests.
In July 2013 McCrory signed into law legislation which requires abortion providers to meet the same standards as surgical centers, allows health-care providers to decline to perform abortions, and prevents any public health insurance policy for paying for abortions. Abortion-rights groups criticized McCrory, who had stated during his campaign that he would not sign new abortion restrictions.
The day after McCrory signed the bill, he took a plate of chocolate chip cookies to protesters. They were returned to him with a note saying, "Gov. McCrory, will take women’s health care over cookies!"

Public education

As of 2012, the average state teacher in North Carolina earned approximately $9,500 less than the average public school teacher in the US. The 2013 budget for state teachers did not include any raises to base salary. Additionally, the budget phases out tenure for public school teachers by 2018, eliminates future salary increases for teachers who earn master's degrees, and cuts $120 million from the budget for teacher assistants. Cuts to education have been one of the issues raised in the protests.


Since the start of April, more than 800 demonstrators have been arrested in the course of the protests, and police have estimated weekly attendance at over 2,500. Cited reasons for the protests include legislation recently passed or proposed on changes to Medicaid, changes to voting regulations, school vouchers, tax reform, and abortion. McCrory has criticized the protests as unlawful and a drain on state resources, and has declined to meet with them, later stating "outsiders are coming in and they're going to try to do to us what they did to Scott Walker in Wisconsin." The vast majority of attendees are North Carolina residents.
Once the legislature finished for 2013, protesters moved to the square at Buncombe County Courthouse in Asheville. The NAACP and others intended to visit all 13 North Carolina congressional districts. Rev. William Barber, the president of the NAACP's state chapter, said more people needed to register and vote to show their disapproval of state policies.
On August 19, 2013 the Moral Monday protests moved to Charlotte when 2,000 people gathered in Marshall Park for one of the city’s largest protests. Organizers announced plans to return to Marshall Park and a dozen other sites across North Carolina.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct 31~ Charlotte View: Holistic Breast Health ~ Gaye Walden 10/31 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Women Podcasts

Oct 31~ Charlotte View: Holistic Breast Health ~ Gaye Walden 10/31 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Women Podcasts

Charlotte View is proud to welcome Gaye Walden CHC, CMT Certified Health Coach & Medical Thermographer. She is the authority in Charlotte on a holistic approach to Breast Health. Also on this call, we welcome Dr. Bruce Rind M.D., is one of the leading holistic medical doctors in the Washington metropolitan area.
She received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.
During her training, she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.
Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and her knowledge of different dietary theories, she work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.
In May 2012 she trained with Dr. Bruce Rind, with National Integrative Health Associates in D.C. to learn medical breast thermography. Subsequently she has partnered with and received her Clinical Thermography Technician Certification from Gaea Powell with Reflection IR in California. Through Holistic Breast Health she offers breast thermal imaging by appointment.
If you have any questions for our guests don’t hesitate to call (805) 830- 8344 Or if you'd prefer - go online to our chatroom at and post your comments and questions by registering with your email address or Facebook ID.

During this conversation with Charlotte View they will cover the benefits of:
    Adopting a holistic approach to Breast Health
    Learn about beliefs, nutritional facts and daily practices that might be damaging to our femininity and our breasts
    Learning the benefits of some basic measurements we can adopt for breast health:
           1. Massaging your breasts
           2. Exercising your breasts
           3. Freeing your breasts (no BRA?)
    Introducing Breast Thermography, a safe and pain-free screening that gives women the State-of-their Breast Health and Risk Assessment.
Did you know Thermography Can Empower You to Take Control of Your Health? Listen to Charlotte View Internet Radio
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Since it can give you close to a decade’s worth of “lead time,” it can be very empowering tool. Should the image indicate an area of inflammation, you can immediately start applying strategies to reverse such symptoms, and within a couple of months be able to confirm that it’s working by taking another picture. Since it’s as harmless as taking a photograph of yourself, you need not worry about making more frequent follow-ups.

Again, the reason why thermography is so effective as a preventive tool is because it can detect the potential for cancer, and can detect already formed cancers at a far earlier stage than a mammogram. Essentially, it detects areas of high inflammation, which can be viewed as a “hot-spot” with cancerous potential.

But it’s important to understand that thermography does not diagnose cancer. Again, higher temperature readings indicate higher levels of inflammation, which can lead to cancer. But if your thermogram shows areas of high inflammation, it doesn’t mean you have cancer. Rather it lets you know you need to address that inflammation to avoid deterioration, and in some cases that the area needs further evaluation.

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