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Hi Everyone,

We've had a few changes since we last blogged. Biggest one being that we now have a brand new website where you can access all things Charlotte View . Now all you have to do is go to to access our radio show on Blog talk Radio, our TV show onUstream TV and YouTube , our blog on Google'sBlogger , our Twitter feed on Twitter , and last but not least...our page on Facebook!

So, if I wasn't clear the first time dear readers, let me order to check out everything we do at Charlotte View, go to . We will post pictures from the events we attend, as well as, the radio and TV guests we interview. I mean with all this...who wouldn't want to go to our new website!

You want to listen to past radio episodes too. Why? Because, we had some fabulous guests recently! Below, are just a few:

- Bones TV show and Temperance Brennan novel creator, Kathy Reichs and her daughter, novelist Kerry Reichs discuss what it is like…

Aug 17 - CHARLOTTE VIEW: Shaklee with the Dussingers, for a healthier life 08/17 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Charlotte View proudly presents +Pat Dussinger and +Bob Dussinger who will talk about Shaklee with The Dussingers, a home-based business with the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., They've been making people healthier with products that go back for over 50 years. And they've made it part of their job to join the cause to make the planet healthier along the way.
Short Link: Bob and Pat do what they do because they truly think it's essential to do their small part as part of the movement to make people and the planet healthier.  In doing so, they firmly believe their contributions will create the major change they wish to see in the world. Bob and Pat's Shaklee business means a lot to them.They take the whole idea of creating healthier lives for people seriously. As they say "We live in a world that needs more people who care about making a difference in their community, in their family and in their self".

August 10th show - Success no matter your circumstance

Lakesha Woods

  If we took one thing from last Friday's show with Lakesha Woods it was the fact that success is had by determination and drive, not necessarily your circumstances. Some of  the wealthiest people I know fail simply because they lacked drive and desire, while the poorest of the poor climbed to the top based on their sheer will and determination.
   Lakesha knows about this first hand. A mother at sixteen, the cards were stacked against her, but she had a dream. She didn't give up and some twenty years later she reached "overnight success" spear-heading a popular magazine (Enjoy Life Magazine) and publishing her first book "The Revelation of Real Love" (out October 25th), all the while maintaining a successful singing career. Did I mention she did this while raising five kids? She is my (Denise's) hero. Geez, my dog and cat wear me out! (Claudia, has a wonderfully "chill" dog and Jim has no pets. Hmmmmm, how did they get so lucky…

Should homosexuals still eat at Chick-fil-A?

I know, I asked it. BIG pink elephant is in the room, ya'll. So let's discuss and get it out of the way. I'll speak for myself, but I think the Charlotte View team agrees...I (Denise) do not personally care where you stand on the gay rights/gay marriage/Chick-fil-A fence. What I do care about is that we express said side of fence preference with one another in a civil and respectful manner. Truth is, all do not, nor will ever, agree on everything all the time. Get it? So, the only way to co-exist in this world safely is to acknowledge and remember this truth agreeing to discuss our differences with civility; in order to figure out how to live together in this great big box of a world without killing (or wanting to kill) each another.
   Mouthful said, I know. But, I am right. :) Ask my husband. He's says I am right all the time. OK...OK, he has to say that, but I tend to agree with him. He is right, that I am right most of the time.
  But, I digress....
Last Friday&#…

July 6th, 13th, and 14th Shows: Busy Bees!

Wow, We are very grateful for the increased demand for Charlotte View! We've grown faster than expected, but it has been one fun ride. Bare with us. We are still working out the kinks on how best to serve you and getting the best radio and tv shows out there possible. We believe in helping others and being a true media force in our community and beyond. It can be frustrating, confusing, and exciting all at the same time. But, we are working hard at it and won't let our viewers, readers, clients, listeners, and advocates down!
   Now down to business:

July 6th Show: CBay Charlotte with Colin Furcht: - If you aren't connected with CBay Charlotte you are not part of the cool crowd. Period. So, go here and listen to our show on CBay and listen to one of the coolest guys we know talk about his vision for the future of networking, social media, and how CBay can help you find a job, roommate, or sell that car you've been wanting to get rid of!

July 13th Show: Tenor Opera Sin…

June 22nd and 29th Shows College Funding and Astrology

June 29th guest: Astrologer, Sarah Dorenfeld        
June 22nd guest: Safe College Funding & Wingate University    One week we are discussing how to help you afford college and the next, we are discussing Astrology. Two totally different topics, right? Maybe not. Since many feel the rising costs of college will have them consulting the stars to find a way to pay for it, these two topics aren't so far off from one another after all.
    Jeremy Turner with Safe College Funding, a professional financial aid consulting firm that combines college planning and funding with tax and retirement planning; along with Rhett Brown, Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Services at Wingate University, joined our show June 22nd to discuss how families can get help with the rising cost of college
   Did you know private colleges have the most financial aid to offer through scholarships due to their many private donors....and that BILLIONS…

June 22 - CHARLOTTE VIEW: True or False? Presidential candidates promise to lower College Cost 06/22 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Charlotte View welcomes back Jeremy Turner and Heath Walters with Safe College Funding (financial aid consulting company)
Interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans are set to double from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1 (2012), unless Congress intervenes. The lower rate was part of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. Although President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney both support temporarily extending low interest rates, Congress continues to debate how to fund the lower rate. According to the Congressional Budget Office, keeping the lower rate is expected to cost $6 billion for one year.
The Wall Street Journal reports, "Many predict any rise in rates could push more families to seek out less-expensive colleges -- furthering a shift that is already underway".
Since his State of the Union address, President Obama has asked the National Governors Association to increase state funding for higher education, proposed federal incentives for colleg…

June 8 - CHARLOTTE VIEW Carolina Execs with Solomon Judah 06/08 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

JUNE 8 - CHARLOTTE VIEW Carolina Execs with Solomon Judah 06/08 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Charlotte View Internet Radio will interview Solomon on Friday June 8 at NOON (Eastern Time). Listen to it  LIVE using the Internet or by calling (805) 830 8344. If you miss the episode don't worry you can listen to it later by going to our on-demand PAGE just scroll down until you find the episode you want to listen. Contact us by email:
What do you think when you hear the name Solomon Judah? What if I told you he is a musician, singer, and a producer?What gender of music do you think he favors by looking at his photo?  If you guessed Reggae, you are right!With its slower tempo, the guitar/piano offbeats, the emphasis on the third beat, and the use of syncopated, melodic bass lines, all of it is found in his songs. Carolina Execs LLC is a versatile video and audio production company in Charlotte where you can get a great product at an affor…

June 1st Show: Chiropractic Approach to ADHD and Autism

We loved today's show! Dr. Edgar Romero with Romero Chiropractic in Miami, Florida really opened our eyes to alternative treatments available for ADHD and Autism. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding this topic, so feel free to go to his website and contact him with any questions you have. He can also offer chiropractor recommendations for those not in the Miami area.

If you missed today's show and have no idea what I'm talking about, then by all means, click on our link to CharlotteView Internet Radio - On Demand Episodes and listen to today's show or browse down to all we have done so far! I mean, really, what do I have to do over here? Dr. Romero can explain his approach to treating Autism and ADHD through chiropractic care better than we can, trust me...well better than I can anyway. I'll let Claudia and Jim speak for themselves, but I bet I can guess their answer.

And... If you didn't get enough of us on today's show, you can catch us again on the B…

June 1st Our Interview: Charlotte View conversation with Business Negotiators 1: "Marketing Your Business with Internet Radio and TV"

6/1/12 Claudia Pureco Charlotte View Internet Radio TV 06/01 by businessnegotiators1 | Blog Talk Radio

So Business Negotiators 1 and Charlotte View share the same DADDY and we were both born around the same time following his guidance. Being the pioneers in an area is so exciting but also kind of scary because there is little help you get from people around you who said "You have an Internet Radio?" and follow up saying "So, what station do I have to tune in?" or "No way I am appearing in your Show! I don't like how I sound!"

So HOW do we bring the advertisers and sponsors?

What services can you expect to get with us?

Who can we target?

What impact can this have in your business?

These and more information can be found TOMORROW at 1pm just follow the SHOWS

JUNE 2012 - Our Statistics: My, how we've grown!

Wow, how we've grown! I'm happy to say we've had some great successes lately with the number of viewers checking out our Radio Show, TV Show, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger accounts. This is great news for our sponsors!
Ok ok, it's great news for us, too. It's nice to see something you've taken a leap of faith on (not to mention poured your heart and soul into) really take off and grow. I'm all for success around here, because let's face it...if we grow, you grow...IF you are one of our sponsors, that is! So, if you're thinking about how to grow your business and need help navigating the complicated world of social media (and be a star in one of our shows...come on, you know you've thought about it) here are a few statistics about us to prove we've got what it takes to take your business to the next level (drum roll, please...):

Charlotte View Radio - We've had over 10,000 listeners since we began in 2011. Talk about being heard!


What goes on a week before a SHOW

From the Executive Director desk: The week before a show goes live on the Internet, the Show in question has already been on the list of Upcoming Shows found in our webpage: Charlotte View Internet Radio, for quite some time.
Much work and hours have been spend gathering all the information our guests have spread all over the internet. We have visited your website, your Facebook, your twits, your LinkedIn accounts and anything that pops in Google.
All these information and images are compiled in your SHOW PAGE and most probably by now you have agreed and approved everything there (last minute changes can always happen and we try to accommodate like new guests, change of topic, etc)
On the week before the show, the guest to appear and us most work in unison to promote as much as possible and create expectation and interest.We do this by creating an event in our Facebook and Crossroad Charlotte accounts. We blog our hearts out using Twitter and Blogger. We collaborate with other partner…
CHARLOTTE VIEW: Home & Interior Design Trends with Alisa Bowen by Charlotte View Internet Radio Fri, May 25, 2012 12:00PMCall in to speak with the host (805) 830-8344
MARK YOUR CALENDAR | Charlotte View will be interviewing HOME & DESIGN MAGAZINE, Editor in Chief, Alisa Bowen, live on the Internet this Friday, May 25th at 12pm about hot home design trends.
Click the link below to tune-in this Friday for design tips from trade! or call in (805)830 8344
Hosts: Claudia Castelazo de Pureco, Denise Mackey and Jim Black
Every generation of interior designers introduces new trends, some of which become so popular they become a component of style. While taking the latest design trends into consideration can be instructive when remodeling or building new, do so with caution. Obsessing over the details of what the design industry has defined as a particular style (i.e. Asian, Contemporary, Coastal, Traditional, Transitional to name just several) may result in a pluperfect, t…

We Can Make You Money - May 18th Show.

Catchy title, huh? Our topic for last Friday's show was how Charlotte View Radio and TV can grow your business by becoming a sponsor of our show. So, we can make you money. Wouldn't you like that? 
To listen go to:

The new social media way of advertising is so much better than the traditional one-time print ad you used to get in a newspaper or magazine. Through Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and, the Internet in general, your costumers get a chance to, not only learn about your business, but learn about YOU. That is a much more personal way of selling the business you've poured your heart in to. I know when I see all the hard work an owner goes through to get me the products and services I need, want, and love I am a much more loyal costumer. I'll go out of my way to give you my business because I care about you...because I've seen you working hard to give m…

CHARLOTTE VIEW Heart for Africa LLC by Kidane Sayfou 04/27 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

CHARLOTTE VIEW Heart for Africa LLC by Kidane Sayfou 04/27 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radiofirst event will be this Saturday May 19th, 2012. A celebration to benefit SENAI, will feature African food, music, dancing, art, a fashion show and an auction. The event will take place May 19, from 5 to 10 p.m. at the Johnson Mansion, 1800 Queens Road West in Charlotte.

May 15th Show with Summerfield Auto and Tire

Wow, what a show! Yesterday we taped a special edition of our radio and tv shows featuring Summerfield Auto and Tire in Charlotte, NC. We talked about the NC Auto Inspection law and how it was in jeapordy. The Charlotte Observer covered this topic last November and let's just say...they definitely had the opinion it should be done away with and stood by it! Good for them. However, Gary and Rozell at Summerfield Tire and Auto wanted a chance to express their side of things. They, and everyone at The Independent Garage Owners Association of NC, feel these inspections are needed in order to keep our roads safe; not to mention the revenue it brings to the state and the shops providing the inspections. In these hard times, we need to always keep in mind what economic impact removing such programs will have on our community. No more job losses, please!
   Between the two shows, our email blast to over 100 Senate and House members, and the many calls and emails placed by the Associati…