June 1st Our Interview: Charlotte View conversation with Business Negotiators 1: "Marketing Your Business with Internet Radio and TV"

6/1/12 Claudia Pureco Charlotte View Internet Radio TV 06/01 by businessnegotiators1 | Blog Talk Radio

So Business Negotiators 1 and Charlotte View share the same DADDY and we were both born around the same time following his guidance. Being the pioneers in an area is so exciting but also kind of scary because there is little help you get from people around you who said "You have an Internet Radio?" and follow up saying "So, what station do I have to tune in?" or "No way I am appearing in your Show! I don't like how I sound!"

So HOW do we bring the advertisers and sponsors?

What services can you expect to get with us?

Who can we target?

What impact can this have in your business?

These and more information can be found TOMORROW at 1pm just follow the SHOWS

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