JUNE 2012 - Our Statistics: My, how we've grown!

Wow, how we've grown! I'm happy to say we've had some great successes lately with the number of viewers checking out our Radio Show, TV Show, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger accounts. This is great news for our sponsors!
Ok ok, it's great news for us, too. It's nice to see something you've taken a leap of faith on (not to mention poured your heart and soul into) really take off and grow. I'm all for success around here, because let's face it...if we grow, you grow...IF you are one of our sponsors, that is! So, if you're thinking about how to grow your business and need help navigating the complicated world of social media (and be a star in one of our shows...come on, you know you've thought about it) here are a few statistics about us to prove we've got what it takes to take your business to the next level (drum roll, please...):

Charlotte View Radio - We've had over 10,000 listeners since we began in 2011. Talk about being heard!

Charlotte View TV - Our first show drew 120 viewers in the first two days. That show helped influence members of our Senate and House of Representatives to uphold the NC Vehicle Inspection Law. Talk about media that packs a punch!

Facebook: Our Facebook page reaches more than 2,000 people daily. Now, that is what I call friendly! And if you haven't already done so, go to Facebook and friend us today!

Twitter: In the last two weeks alone we've acquired 16 new followers. That's a pace of over 30 new followers a month!

Blog: Our Blog gets 300 hits a week. You guys really like getting "the scoop" on what we do. Don't worry, we'll keep it coming!

Email: In the past year, we've gotten approximately 1,500 emails containing guest inquiries and responses to our shows. Thank goodness, I have two other people to help me read those! I'm cross-eyed just thinking about it....

All in all, we've watched Charlotte View grow exponentially in a short amount of time; a great accomplishment in these times. Contact us today and join us for the ride, so we can help you grow too. Get on board! You won't regret it.

Until next time...

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