May 15th Show with Summerfield Auto and Tire

   Wow, what a show! Yesterday we taped a special edition of our radio and tv shows featuring Summerfield Auto and Tire in Charlotte, NC. We talked about the NC Auto Inspection law and how it was in jeapordy. The Charlotte Observer covered this topic last November and let's just say...they definitely had the opinion it should be done away with and stood by it! Good for them. However, Gary and Rozell at Summerfield Tire and Auto wanted a chance to express their side of things. They, and everyone at The Independent Garage Owners Association of NC, feel these inspections are needed in order to keep our roads safe; not to mention the revenue it brings to the state and the shops providing the inspections. In these hard times, we need to always keep in mind what economic impact removing such programs will have on our community. No more job losses, please!
   Between the two shows, our email blast to over 100 Senate and House members, and the many calls and emails placed by the Association of Independent Garage Owners of NC, we managed to help shoot down the provision introduced by Representative Ric Killian to eliminate inspections for any car three years old or newer. Who says your voice can't have impact? All it takes is an opinion and effort to get heard. No matter what your opinion is, it is important to hear both sides of the story before making an important decision.
   Our efforts have brought much attention to the unexpected bonus for us at Charlotte View. We have been flooded with website hits to our show links and have recieved numerous emails from viewers and even congress members! Denise and Jim, being the hams they are, LOVE all this new-found attention. We are sure Claudia feels the same, however, she has a more subtle approach resolving to keep her celebrating to herself, while Jim and Denise tell everyone they run into on the streets! Oh well, that is definitely what makes our show work - our diversity. Who would think we'd make such a great team?
Until next time....

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