What goes on a week before a SHOW

From the Executive Director desk: The week before a show goes live on the Internet, the Show in question has already been on the list of Upcoming Shows found in our webpage: Charlotte View Internet Radio, for quite some time.
Much work and hours have been spend gathering all the information our guests have spread all over the internet. We have visited your website, your Facebook, your twits, your LinkedIn accounts and anything that pops in Google.
All these information and images are compiled in your SHOW PAGE and most probably by now you have agreed and approved everything there (last minute changes can always happen and we try to accommodate like new guests, change of topic, etc)
On the week before the show, the guest to appear and us most work in unison to promote as much as possible and create expectation and interest.We do this by creating an event in our Facebook and Crossroad Charlotte accounts. We blog our hearts out using Twitter and Blogger. We collaborate with other partners in our Branch Out site. We send reminders using our Gmail address. We collaborate with our guest to ensure great rates!

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