June 1st Show: Chiropractic Approach to ADHD and Autism

We loved today's show! Dr. Edgar Romero with Romero Chiropractic in Miami, Florida really opened our eyes to alternative treatments available for ADHD and Autism. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding this topic, so feel free to go to his website and contact him with any questions you have. He can also offer chiropractor recommendations for those not in the Miami area.

If you missed today's show and have no idea what I'm talking about, then by all means, click on our link to CharlotteView Internet Radio - On Demand Episodes and listen to today's show or browse down to all we have done so far! I mean, really, what do I have to do over here? Dr. Romero can explain his approach to treating Autism and ADHD through chiropractic care better than we can, trust me...well better than I can anyway. I'll let Claudia and Jim speak for themselves, but I bet I can guess their answer.

And... If you didn't get enough of us on today's show, you can catch us again on the Business Negotiators1 radio show on Blog Talk Radio. We were their guests today.
Alan Rousseau and Herb Ross, creators and hosts of Business Negotiators1, were kind enough to ask the CharlotteView team to share our thoughts and social media strategies. Listen, I don't know how many times I have to go over this but as a fellow former corporate sales executive such as myself (say THAT ten times fast as you can), Herb, said it so eloquently today...in sales, to get the message across, you have to tell them what your going to tell them..then tell them..then tell them what you told them..and then tell them again...so here we go...
Shows such as CharlotteView and Business Negotiators1 make your company money by teaming up with us and becoming a sponsor. We do a show on your business and promote it as well as your company to our many followers on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Ustream, and Blog Talk Radio. We connect you to the world of social media and you gain costumers, as a result. You may not have the time or resources to effectively tackle internet marketing, but we do. So there, I told you again.
It's late and I'm going to bed. Y'all that know me personally know this newlywed has a husband yelling at her to finally put the IPad down and call it a day!
Until next time...

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