June 22nd and 29th Shows College Funding and Astrology

                                              June 29th guest: Astrologer, Sarah Dorenfeld        

June 22nd guest: Safe College Funding & Wingate University
   One week we are discussing how to help you afford college and the next, we are discussing Astrology. Two totally different topics, right? Maybe not. Since many feel the rising costs of college will have them consulting the stars to find a way to pay for it, these two topics aren't so far off from one another after all.
    Jeremy Turner with Safe College Funding, a professional financial aid consulting firm that combines college planning and funding with tax and retirement planning; along with Rhett Brown, Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Services at Wingate University, joined our show June 22nd to discuss how families can get help with the rising cost of college
   Did you know private colleges have the most financial aid to offer through scholarships due to their many private donors....and that BILLIONS of dollars are left on the table every year because most assume private schools are more expensive than state schools? Yep. Billions. On the surface, private colleges have a higher "sticker price" than public schools. However, rarely do students pay the listed price. Think of it as a car dealership and the pretty little Lexus you have your eye on. You wouldn't pay the sticker price listed on the window would you? No. You negotiate and discover dealer specials until you get the price down to a doable amount. Same philosophy applies to private schools. You consult with an agency like Safe College Funding or the financial services department at your school of choice (such as Wingate University) to discuss which scholarships and grants they offer in order to reduce the cost of attending.Through the many private donors giving billions of dollars every year to these schools, there is a huge reserve of money to help students with tuition just waiting to be used. Don't let it go to waste!
   Jeremy and Rhett had a lot of great advice to give during the show. It is definitely worth a listen. Go to the show's podcast on BlogTalk Radio to listen. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to write notes. You will no longer feel you need to consult the stars in order to pay for college....well unless you like that sort of thing.
   And, if you do.....
   We have a terrific show coming up this Friday with Astrologist, Sarah Dorenfeld! If you can't catch the live broadcast, but have an astrology question for Sarah that you are just dying to get an answer to, then make your way on over to our Facebook page and post it on our wall. She'll answer it during the show. Just be sure to catch the podcast afterwards to hear the answer! Sarah can be reached through her website, Charlotte Astrology, if you'd like to get a Natal Chart or Predicitve Chart done after hearing her discuss everything from zodiac signs to what the planets have in store for us this year during Friday's show.
    Psssssst.....a little birdie told me that the cutie-pie planet of Jupiter has moved in to Gemini making us all a little luckier this year! Bring it on Jupiter!
   OK, I don't want to spill too many secrets before Sarah has a chance to tell you herself, so I'll just direct you to the show's page so you'll have the link in order to listen this Friday at noon and learn more about Sarah in the, meantime. Me being the thoughtful Aquarian that I am, I would never steal someone else's thunder. However, those Leos...well let's just say, bossy bosserton Leo would not be so thoughtful. Hump.
   Until, next time...

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