July 6th, 13th, and 14th Shows: Busy Bees!

   Wow, We are very grateful for the increased demand for Charlotte View! We've grown faster than expected, but it has been one fun ride. Bare with us. We are still working out the kinks on how best to serve you and getting the best radio and tv shows out there possible. We believe in helping others and being a true media force in our community and beyond. It can be frustrating, confusing, and exciting all at the same time. But, we are working hard at it and won't let our viewers, readers, clients, listeners, and advocates down!
   Now down to business:

   July 6th Show: CBay Charlotte with Colin Furcht: - If you aren't connected with CBay Charlotte you are not part of the cool crowd. Period. So, go here and listen to our show on CBay and listen to one of the coolest guys we know talk about his vision for the future of networking, social media, and how CBay can help you find a job, roommate, or sell that car you've been wanting to get rid of!

   July 13th Show: Tenor Opera Singer Marco Antonio Varela: Holy cats, this guy makes me want to be a singer! Why why why can't I sing like him? You can hear samples of his music and learn where to download his songs by listening to the show. You'll also learn what it takes to be a professional opera singer and the challenges they face. You can learn more about Marco at his website on Reverb Nation. Now go sing some opera! I know I am. By the way, Claudia used to turn the stereo up full blast as a teen and sing opera at the top of her lungs, as if on stage. I would PAY MONEY to see that.

   July 14th Show: Guerrilla Artists Group's "Express Yourself Paint Event": OK first, before I begin to sell you on why you MUST attend this event on Tuesday, July 17th 6pm-9pm at Harvest Moon Grille in The Dunhill Hotel in uptown Charlotte, NC, I will give you all the links you need to learn about this amazing event and non-profit group....and how to get tickets to this event! Here goes....

To listen to Saturday's show about this event and group with Ilisa Millermoon as our guest CLICK HERE
To view the before and after TV broadcasts for the radio show (something new we are trying out, so let us know what you think) CLICK HERE
To learn more about the Guerrilla Artists Group go to their website CLICK HERE
To buy tickets to Tuesday's event (July 17th, 2012) is super easy. CLICK HERE

   Now, on to why you should attend Tuesday's event....I will bullet point the reasons because....well I don't know ......because I want to?? So, here's why you need to go to the link above and buy tickets to this event NOW:
  • The event helps under-privileged youth through their art program. Guerrilla Artists Group goes to them...in their recreation centers and (once they have more $$...aka ATTEND THIS EVENT) their schools.
  • The youth art program encourages healing, acceptance, and no competition or discrimination through the process of learning art. Don't they get enough of that negative stuff throughout the day...pressure, competition, win at all costs, hate those not like you..how about some positive stuff over here?
  • All money collected (less the restaurant's fees) will go directly toward the art program. Dude, they need it to buy the most basic items...glue, paint, canvasses. It's not going toward a "field trip" to New York City, OK? They need help. (Again, aka ATTEND THIS EVENT)
  • If they don't get TEN MORE ATTENDEES the restaurant will shut the event down! There is a minimun requirement for the room.
  • Last, but not least...the Charlotte View Crew will be there painting our happy little hearts out. Attend the event and meet us! A little forewarning though...I (Denise) talk a lot, Jim flirts a lot, and Claudia paints a lot...she is wicked good. So, I wouldn't sit next to her while painting unless you want to "get served". Just saying. She really is that good.
   Need I say more? Go buy your tickets now.

   OK, I am off to enjoy what's left of this Sunday afternoon. It has been nice chatting.
   Until next time...

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