August 10th show - Success no matter your circumstance

Lakesha Woods

  If we took one thing from last Friday's show with Lakesha Woods it was the fact that success is had by determination and drive, not necessarily your circumstances. Some of  the wealthiest people I know fail simply because they lacked drive and desire, while the poorest of the poor climbed to the top based on their sheer will and determination.
   Lakesha knows about this first hand. A mother at sixteen, the cards were stacked against her, but she had a dream. She didn't give up and some twenty years later she reached "overnight success" spear-heading a popular magazine (Enjoy Life Magazine) and publishing her first book "The Revelation of Real Love" (out October 25th), all the while maintaining a successful singing career. Did I mention she did this while raising five kids? She is my (Denise's) hero. Geez, my dog and cat wear me out! (Claudia, has a wonderfully "chill" dog and Jim has no pets. Hmmmmm, how did they get so lucky?) 
She is also an excellent role model for her children. They are striving to be lawyers, writers, and doctors while in college. Again, my dog and cat wear me out, so great job Lakesha!
   How did she manage to create such an illustrious career and raise (much less carry and birth!) FIVE kids? Well,since I am not a snitch, gossip, or leaky bucket I will direct you to our show's page to listen to her interview and find out for yourself.
   As a matter of fact, I just may tune in again and get inspired. Spoiler alert (!) may or may not hear about how she had her five kids help out during magazine marketing efforts on the beaches of Miami. Hey, at least they were out and about in the fresh air....and I am sure they wore sunscreen...and I am sure they look back on that time as some of the best of their youth....and I am sure they are better people for it....and a little birdie (Lakesha) told me they got lunch and ice cream out of it, so it's all good. All things are worth it, according to kids, if the reward is a drippy chilly sweet ice cream cone.
   Maybe, I should try that with my cat and dog. I am sure Max, the 30lb cat, would stop "accidentally missing" the litter box and Sam, the feisty chihuahua, would stop barking at every dog that walks by during our "leisurely" walks in the park....all for the sake of an ice cream cone or two...emphasis on the two. Hmmmm, I will try that and get back to you dear readers.
   Until next time.....

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