Should homosexuals still eat at Chick-fil-A?

  I know, I asked it. BIG pink elephant is in the room, ya'll. So let's discuss and get it out of the way. I'll speak for myself, but I think the Charlotte View team agrees...I (Denise) do not personally care where you stand on the gay rights/gay marriage/Chick-fil-A fence. What I do care about is that we express said side of fence preference with one another in a civil and respectful manner. Truth is, all do not, nor will ever, agree on everything all the time. Get it? So, the only way to co-exist in this world safely is to acknowledge and remember this truth agreeing to discuss our differences with civility; in order to figure out how to live together in this great big box of a world without killing (or wanting to kill) each another.
   Mouthful said, I know. But, I am right. :) Ask my husband. He's says I am right all the time. OK...OK, he has to say that, but I tend to agree with him. He is right, that I am right most of the time.
  But, I digress....
  Last Friday's show, was our attempt to discuss this matter in a civil way. We came up with some surprising revelations:
1. Many heterosexual men feel extremely uncomfortable seeing public displays of affection from homosexual males, while they are "game on!" when it comes to the same being performed by female homosexuals. Because, let's face it, most men tap into their coveted three-way fantasies seeing this type of affection. Whatever. Men.
2. Women tend to feel more neutral toward either homosexual or heterosexual public affection. We draw the line at actual sex in public, however...or looking as if you are about to have sex in public. Just saying. Let decency prevail, people.
3. Not all homosexuals agree on how to best tackle this Chick-Fil-A thing. To eat or not to eat. That is the question. O'Neale Atkinson, says if you don't like what they are doing don't protest to shut them down. Simply don't eat there. By doing so, you do not contribute to their anti-gay actions. While, Udell Garrison, feels we need to be more extreme in our efforts to curb such intolerance. By doing so, we land somewhere in the middle, actually causing change and making it more equal for everyone.
4. Not all heterosexuals agree on how to best tackle this debate, either. Me? I would like to chain myself to Chick-Fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy's (fabulous and luxurious, I am sure) car and intermittently sing "Give Peace A Chance" and chant "Can't we all just get along?". Once, I have his attention, I would like to have a conversation about whether he realizes there is a huge difference between stating his company, valuing the traditional christian model of marriage, feels homosexuals should not be allowed to marry and feeling his company should be allowed to publicly state this versus having a policy (openly stated or not) of discouraging the hiring of homosexuals.
   Because, let's face it...those of us that have watched this campaign from the beginning, instead of recently jumping on board due to the "christian values/right to state our opinion/government can't shut us up" public relations spin that it has become...know what this Chick-fil-A debate is really about. Chick-fil-A prefers to not hire homosexuals because they do not like them (or to be politically correct - because they do not agree with their lifestyle, feeling it is indeed a choice not that they are "born this way"). This is discrimination and a company should not get away with it...much like back in the day...when companies did not want to hire African Americans or women. In fact, if they were saying they preferred not to hire African Americans or women, this would no longer be a "debate", but a full-blown legal battle. And quite frankly, discrimination of any kind should be "shut up" by the government. So why is it not the case with discrimination against homosexuals? I don't get that. Thus, the needed (CIVIL) conversation with Mr. Cathy....and with others for that matter.
   However, now that I think about it...forget the chains! I am sure Mr. Cathy has a luscious LIMOUSINE in which to have this conversation. New strategy: sit on the hood of said limo chanting and singing until he LETS ME IN. Then and only then, will I agree to partake in conversation....while in the comfort of a luscious limousine (and hopefully sipping fancy cocktails while driving along the country side). Pleasant way to have a nasty yet civil debate, no? If he calls the police, then Claudia(!) Jim(!) bail me out asap! I am allergic to orange overalls!
   That being said, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss this important matter and the fact that, everyone thus far, has indeed kept it civil. We can't agree on everything, so it is nice to be able to see where we can agree and go from there. If you missed last Friday's show, you can download the podcast at any time to see what we came up with during the discussion. As always, your comments and questions are welcome.
Until next time....

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