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June 22nd and 29th Shows College Funding and Astrology

June 29th guest: Astrologer, Sarah Dorenfeld        
June 22nd guest: Safe College Funding & Wingate University    One week we are discussing how to help you afford college and the next, we are discussing Astrology. Two totally different topics, right? Maybe not. Since many feel the rising costs of college will have them consulting the stars to find a way to pay for it, these two topics aren't so far off from one another after all.
    Jeremy Turner with Safe College Funding, a professional financial aid consulting firm that combines college planning and funding with tax and retirement planning; along with Rhett Brown, Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Services at Wingate University, joined our show June 22nd to discuss how families can get help with the rising cost of college
   Did you know private colleges have the most financial aid to offer through scholarships due to their many private donors....and that BILLIONS…

June 22 - CHARLOTTE VIEW: True or False? Presidential candidates promise to lower College Cost 06/22 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Charlotte View welcomes back Jeremy Turner and Heath Walters with Safe College Funding (financial aid consulting company)
Interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans are set to double from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1 (2012), unless Congress intervenes. The lower rate was part of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. Although President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney both support temporarily extending low interest rates, Congress continues to debate how to fund the lower rate. According to the Congressional Budget Office, keeping the lower rate is expected to cost $6 billion for one year.
The Wall Street Journal reports, "Many predict any rise in rates could push more families to seek out less-expensive colleges -- furthering a shift that is already underway".
Since his State of the Union address, President Obama has asked the National Governors Association to increase state funding for higher education, proposed federal incentives for colleg…

June 8 - CHARLOTTE VIEW Carolina Execs with Solomon Judah 06/08 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

JUNE 8 - CHARLOTTE VIEW Carolina Execs with Solomon Judah 06/08 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Charlotte View Internet Radio will interview Solomon on Friday June 8 at NOON (Eastern Time). Listen to it  LIVE using the Internet or by calling (805) 830 8344. If you miss the episode don't worry you can listen to it later by going to our on-demand PAGE just scroll down until you find the episode you want to listen. Contact us by email:
What do you think when you hear the name Solomon Judah? What if I told you he is a musician, singer, and a producer?What gender of music do you think he favors by looking at his photo?  If you guessed Reggae, you are right!With its slower tempo, the guitar/piano offbeats, the emphasis on the third beat, and the use of syncopated, melodic bass lines, all of it is found in his songs. Carolina Execs LLC is a versatile video and audio production company in Charlotte where you can get a great product at an affor…

June 1st Show: Chiropractic Approach to ADHD and Autism

We loved today's show! Dr. Edgar Romero with Romero Chiropractic in Miami, Florida really opened our eyes to alternative treatments available for ADHD and Autism. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding this topic, so feel free to go to his website and contact him with any questions you have. He can also offer chiropractor recommendations for those not in the Miami area.

If you missed today's show and have no idea what I'm talking about, then by all means, click on our link to CharlotteView Internet Radio - On Demand Episodes and listen to today's show or browse down to all we have done so far! I mean, really, what do I have to do over here? Dr. Romero can explain his approach to treating Autism and ADHD through chiropractic care better than we can, trust me...well better than I can anyway. I'll let Claudia and Jim speak for themselves, but I bet I can guess their answer.

And... If you didn't get enough of us on today's show, you can catch us again on the B…