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Aug 17 - CHARLOTTE VIEW: Shaklee with the Dussingers, for a healthier life 08/17 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Charlotte View proudly presents +Pat Dussinger and +Bob Dussinger who will talk about Shaklee with The Dussingers, a home-based business with the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S., They've been making people healthier with products that go back for over 50 years. And they've made it part of their job to join the cause to make the planet healthier along the way.
Short Link: Bob and Pat do what they do because they truly think it's essential to do their small part as part of the movement to make people and the planet healthier.  In doing so, they firmly believe their contributions will create the major change they wish to see in the world. Bob and Pat's Shaklee business means a lot to them.They take the whole idea of creating healthier lives for people seriously. As they say "We live in a world that needs more people who care about making a difference in their community, in their family and in their self".

August 10th show - Success no matter your circumstance

Lakesha Woods

  If we took one thing from last Friday's show with Lakesha Woods it was the fact that success is had by determination and drive, not necessarily your circumstances. Some of  the wealthiest people I know fail simply because they lacked drive and desire, while the poorest of the poor climbed to the top based on their sheer will and determination.
   Lakesha knows about this first hand. A mother at sixteen, the cards were stacked against her, but she had a dream. She didn't give up and some twenty years later she reached "overnight success" spear-heading a popular magazine (Enjoy Life Magazine) and publishing her first book "The Revelation of Real Love" (out October 25th), all the while maintaining a successful singing career. Did I mention she did this while raising five kids? She is my (Denise's) hero. Geez, my dog and cat wear me out! (Claudia, has a wonderfully "chill" dog and Jim has no pets. Hmmmmm, how did they get so lucky…

Should homosexuals still eat at Chick-fil-A?

I know, I asked it. BIG pink elephant is in the room, ya'll. So let's discuss and get it out of the way. I'll speak for myself, but I think the Charlotte View team agrees...I (Denise) do not personally care where you stand on the gay rights/gay marriage/Chick-fil-A fence. What I do care about is that we express said side of fence preference with one another in a civil and respectful manner. Truth is, all do not, nor will ever, agree on everything all the time. Get it? So, the only way to co-exist in this world safely is to acknowledge and remember this truth agreeing to discuss our differences with civility; in order to figure out how to live together in this great big box of a world without killing (or wanting to kill) each another.
   Mouthful said, I know. But, I am right. :) Ask my husband. He's says I am right all the time. OK...OK, he has to say that, but I tend to agree with him. He is right, that I am right most of the time.
  But, I digress....
Last Friday&#…