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Hi Everyone,

We've had a few changes since we last blogged. Biggest one being that we now have a brand new website where you can access all things Charlotte View . Now all you have to do is go to to access our radio show on Blog talk Radio, our TV show onUstream TV and YouTube , our blog on Google'sBlogger , our Twitter feed on Twitter , and last but not least...our page on Facebook!

So, if I wasn't clear the first time dear readers, let me order to check out everything we do at Charlotte View, go to . We will post pictures from the events we attend, as well as, the radio and TV guests we interview. I mean with all this...who wouldn't want to go to our new website!

You want to listen to past radio episodes too. Why? Because, we had some fabulous guests recently! Below, are just a few:

- Bones TV show and Temperance Brennan novel creator, Kathy Reichs and her daughter, novelist Kerry Reichs discuss what it is like…