2013, Jan 4 - Misconceptions, Generalizations and Misguided information in Anthropology Research

Last week we had a fantastic conversation with Dr. Richard Chacon and Dr. Ruben Mendoza, about their research and findings documented in their book "The Ethics of Anthropology and Amerindians Research". These college professors in the fields of Anthropology and Archaeology have dedicated many years of extensive research to publish this book with hopes that students, colleagues and the public in general are aware of the dangers of generalizations when reporting or studying Amerindians (term used to define any group of Indians/indigenous people that are original from the American Continent). In our conversation we talked about Amerindians and we post the question: Do/Did they always live in harmony with nature and with each-other?

"It is very damaging to assume that all groups of Amerindians, always in history, have been peaceful, nature-loving and children-like creatures" said Dr. Chacon while citing words or common misconceptions commonly accepted as truths in the field. By doing so, both authors agreed, these studies ignore many other qualities or faults Amerindians have and can, unknowingly, perjure themselves by reporting documents or studies that are not inclusive or misguided.

Charlotte View hosts can relate to the dangers of using adjectives as a general rule to describe groups of people, and how in societies these generalizations constitute stereotypes. We all know very well that Stereotypes or any words used to generalize groups of people, are almost always limiting and can lead to discrimination and ignore the diversity within groups.

Listen to the recorded interview here: http://www.charlotteview.net/charlotteview-on-demand.html

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