Apr 5 - Charlotte View: Hypnotherapy and PTSD with Mary Prinz 04/05 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Apr 5 - Charlotte View: Hypnotherapy and PSTD with Mary Prinz 04/05 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

When you think of hypnosis do you think of an evil looking man swinging a watch on a chain saying, You are getting sleepyyy?

If this is your immediate reaction to the idea of hypnosis your database needs to be updated! Stage hypnosis (and today, even stage hypnotists don’t use this method) is very different from clinical hypnosis during which a therapist gently and easily relaxes a client through guided visualization.

This Friday, April 5, at NOON, listen to Charlotte View interview with Hypnotherapist Mary Prinz and her success rate on treating PSTD. Call (805) 830-8344 or go to link below to listen with your computer

The reason hypnosis works so well has to do with the way it transforms the subconscious mind’s perceptions and beliefs. To begin with, hypnosis works from the assumption that the subconscious mind (the veritable source of all of our internal power) is the storage space of all our past experiences and emotions. In this incredibly vast warehouse, traumatic experiences are filed away on both physical and emotional levels, the stimulus of which can affect our immune system and health. Processing old traumas and the emotional charges attached to them allows a patient to find internal resources that begin the healing process.

Charlotte View's conversation with Mary Prinz. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Hypnotherapist, who has provided consultations, worked extensively on psychiatric emergency teams, private practices and outreach treatment teams (with families and their children).
Her audio CD, using cognitive therapy in the form of a meditation for treatment of combat post-traumatic stress disorder PSTD, is presently being researched at the VA Hospital in South Carolina. She has learned that life is never ending. She boldly and lovingly attempts to teach children not to be afraid, to live with good intentions, and to realize they are guided and cared for by those who love them, including heavenly beings.
Mary is also a published children's book author of the series "Into the Light". She focuses on helping children who have experienced loss, to understand, cope and accept the death of a relative, friend, or pet and to know that Heaven is not an illusion.  And that we are guided not only by our angels and other masters and teachers, but by our loved ones who are existing in the heavenly realms.
To learn more about Mary: http://www.maryprinz.com  /  Mary@maryprinz.com

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