Charlotte View makes front page in the Community News Section of Sunday's Charlotte Observer Newspaper

Subtitles: Woman's Podcasts Demonstrate Growing  Reach of Internet Radio / Internet Radio is Catching Up in Charlotte Area

June 6, 2013 ~ When your Charlotte View host, Claudia Pureco, entered her ESL class yesterday at Acts Retirement Community at Plantation Estate, she was welcomed with a standing ovation from her students and volunteers. "I didn't know what was happening, then I noticed there was a section of the Charlotte Observer Newspaper on top of the table. Sal and Mae Maiolo handed it to me and I was struck to see the biggest photo with me on it!

In January 2011, Charlotte View was founded by Claudia Pureco and Jim Black. Since then, Jim has taken a supportive role while heading an electronic newsletter "Land of the Waxhaws".  +Claudia Pureco has previously co-host with Victoria Sprow and Denise Jones and currently with co-host Gabriel Pureco. "We had never done this before and there was no information in the Internet about using Internet radio as a marketing tool. We knew we were entering uncharted territory and this was both scary and exciting!". Good fortune was always on our side and almost as soon as +Charlotte View 's Shows started to go out on the air, they gained the interest of many local small businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, non-profits, Organizations, activists, politicians, etc. "I still remember the day we were in the middle of a live show when we got a caller in the queue" ~ one feature of Internet radio is the interaction with the general audience who call the show by dialing (805) 830-8344 ~ "to our surprise, this caller was calling from Australia! It opened our eyes to the extent that we could reach from our little home-based studio and how far our promoting could travel by using the Internet. We needed to learn, include and understand social media " ~ every show is extensively promoted a week before by posting and sharing on Blogtalkradio, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, etc. ~ "not long after we had positive results and started accepting requests from guests residing at other states in the US, Canada and Europe!" ~ all Charlotte View shows are always available on the Internet. They are easily found, seen and heard from anywhere and at anytime. Many of the promotional material that goes out as images are seen and shared non-stop by contacts, friends of friends, followers, customers, groups etc. Blogs from Charlotte View use SEO techniques which puts our show, and our guests, in the higher searching positions and getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines

An Internet Radio Show surpasses some limitations of regular Radio Stations like only being heard locally (Internet goes global!), guests having to drive to their location (Charlotte View guests can opt to call from wherever they are. A quiet location and using land lines is recommended) or, and this is where we rock!, not sharing or giving access to their archives freely with their guests (five minutes after finishing our live interview it becomes available as a podcast along with an embedded code AND everyone can find them)
Still many people approach an Internet Radio Show with a mindset based on a regular Radio Station, they only ask how many people will I reach? or who are your targeted people?

Charlotte View is unlike any Radio Station or, even, any Internet Radio Show that you can Google or search. We are the only one established as a service. We provide you with the infrastructure and the platform for you to come,  be the start of your show, tell your story, your words and end with an interview which is ready to be used in all the extent of the Internet. It is Social Media Formatted. It can be downloaded into your smart phones or computers and easily embedded into your websites ~ "It is very varied how many hits an interview will get from the general public; it highly depends on how the guest uses it after the interview is done. In 2013, we've welcomed 24 guests and we've had 3,200 active listeners. In 2011, We've had one guest, Alex Harley, running for City Council whose interview reached 1,200 hits within a couple of weeks! and we have had guests who have come to our show and then do nothing. The amazing thing is that even on these shows, we are seeing a steady growth-rate" ~ Charlotte View has experienced interviewers, the organization and the platform ready for you to voice your business. It is a facilitated collaboration and a partnership.

Shows are aired every Friday at Noon and other dates by special request. You provide Charlotte View with the content you need to make sure the interview reflects exactly who you are. In a format of a casual conversation, and targeted questions, we answer the FAQ's your business have encountered and those we envision people to have.
Charlotte View is fast growing and always changing to keep pace with the world's technology. Charlotte View envisions bringing talented people on board to help it adapt and service a bigger pool.

2013 has brought many changes and additions. We now have three monthly shows with people who came to try us once and then wanted more! What a better way to end this blog by sharing some of our most dear testimonials
 Tracy Becker wrote: ~ "What an awesome time that was with Charlotte View! Thank you so very very much to you  and all the wonderful and amazing people that called in to talk about their experiences using me as their coach. I'm deeply touched!" ~ +Tracy Becker will start a show called "Transformational Series" on June 21, 2013. Everyone will be able to access this workshop designed to help you transform your life into the greatest and grandest version you can imagine and beyond. 
Pat Dussinger posted: " I love being part of the Charlotte View Internet Radio family. Why? well, I can literally tell people ALL OVER THE WORLD about my area of expertise and my business, Shaklee with the Dussingers. I can talk about the incredible products that improve people's lives and their homes. I can invite my friends, with their different areas of expertise, to share their medical/professional knowledge in Shaklee on the radio program as well. Program listeners can have their questions answered by professionals the like of specialized nurses, respiratory therapists, and marketing veterans who have spent years in Shaklee
Also, and most importantly, Claudia Pureco is an incredible radio host ... a very IMPORTANT reason that I am a monthly guest on the Charlotte View is that Claudia has researched my topic for discussion in my business thoroughly and I do mean completely! I have no worries that she will not be prepared. Sometimes she knows more information than I do!! I can depend on her to keep the program going and fun and interesting no matter what. Claudia is a true professional in her field and I won't accept anything less than a true professional to broadcast information about my business and getting the word out there about it. Lastly, broadcasting and being part of the Charlotte View is economical and ... FUN! It is not a drudgery and we laugh and smile while doing business. Listen, call in, and you'll see for yourself.                              Many Thanks Claudia "

New exciting services for our guests are: up to 60 minutes on air, up to 50 live concurrent callers,  5,000 promotional impressions with Blogtalkradio per month, Prime and regular time Scheduling

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