Second Friday of Every Month ~ It is time again for "Simply Fabulous" Psychic Readings with Beatrice Gordon and Tina Marie Heckman

Simply Fabulous
The Psychic Show that everyone has waiting for is finally here. To stay! 
Broadcasting from Charlotte NC open to callers from all over the world! 
Spanish translator available

Showtime: Friday, July 12 at NOON (EST) 
Call as early as 11:45 am ~ Lines get pretty full ~ ONE question ~ First Call, First Served
 Call in: (805) 830-8344  
July 12 ~ Charlotte View: Simply Fabulous ~ Bea & Tinamarie 07/12 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Tune in to Charlotte View and experience firsthand what it means to become Simply Fabulous.
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A fun, dynamic, energetic, exciting show where you can call FREE for the best, accurate, honest reading with Charlotte View's preferred psychic/mediums readers, Tina Marie Heckman and Beatrice Bates Gordon. This show broadcasts live from Charlotte, NC but it is open to anyone in the world!
Simply Fabulous is an amazing opportunity to add to the Light of the World by using the power of the Internet. During these episodes Tina Marie Heckman and Beatrice Bates Gordon will provide you with the tools needed for you to realize your higher potential and your destiny. 
Bea and Tinamarie have explained to us in previous interviews that each of us has a team. That team consists of guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones and or friends that have crossed over (died on earth).  Our team attempts to help and guide each of us toward our highest and best good.  Members of the team are not allowed to intercede in our behalf unless we ask them to. When we pray or meditate that is a form of asking for that help. 
Bea and Tinamarie encompass a gamma of psychic and intuitive abilities that they bring to their conversations. Starting with Clair-sentience means ‘clear-feeling’. It is perhaps the most down-to-earth of all the intuitive gifts. Most people use clairsentience on a daily basis. This looks like your feelings sending you intuitive guidance. These feelings can include "gut feeling", empathy, and physical sensations. Bea explained very well her clairsentience ability when she explained how she can see blockages in her clients' chakras during her last interview. 
Tinamarie is a powerful medium, intuitive reader and animal communicator. The most important aspect of her sessions is to bring you insight, clarity, understanding and direction in your choices. You can listen to her answering questions during her last interview.
Many people wonder if there's a difference between getting a psychic reading in person vs. talking to live psychics over the phone or through online chat. The answer to this question is that it makes no difference. Having the session in person is merely a personal preference for the individual having the reading. 
Now there is something that can make a difference, at least for our fantastic readers, in what kind of results you can get in the reading, and that is you must truly be open.
We have blank slates to create our lives anew and this time life fully supports this. Out of the void and into the Light. A new Light comes onto the Earth during each new day. It’s a liberating one, a supportive one and a loving one.

Now you can BOOK your private Psychic Party with Bea, with Tinamarie or Both!
Contact Beatrice Bates Gordon:
(704) 293-3578
Wednesdays and Sundays from 1-4pm ~
In-person Readings The Bag Lady (1710 Kenilworth Ave #200. Charlotte, NC) Appointments (704) 338-9778

Contact Tina Marie Heckman:
Phone: (803) 608-0577
Skype: Tina.Marie.Heckman
Saturdays from 2-7 pm ~ In-person Readings The Bag Lady (1710 Kenilworth Ave#200. Charlotte, NC) Appointments (704) 338-9778

Archives of previous shows: 
June 14 ~ Charlotte View: Simply Fabulous with Bea and TinaMarie (Psychic Readings on Air) 06/14 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

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