June 7 ~ Charlotte View: Energy and Reiki Therapy by Bjorg Benmakhlouf06/07 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

June 7 ~ Charlotte View: Energy and Reiki Therapy by Bjorg Benmakhlouf 06/07 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Showtime: Friday, July 5, at NOON (EDT)
Category: Inspirational
Call in Number: (805) 830-8344
Duration: 30 min - 45 min
Short Link: TBD
Opening Song:
Description: From the land of Vikings, The Sagas and Mystical Power Places, Iceland, Charlotte View welcomes Bjorg Benmakhlouf. She is a certified Energy Healer with studies in three modalities: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Alef Reiki (Discovered by Eli Machani) and Energy Healing for the Bones I (Kaliana). Bjorg resides in Charlotte, NC and her practice is only 5 minutes from the Arboretum Shopping Center.

Call In (805) 830-8344
Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/charlotteview/2013/06/07/june-7-charlotte-view
Bjorg is deeply influenced by her ancestry, her rich culture, her open minded spiritual upbringing, and by her country described as one of the most magical places on earth, with many hot springs and healing pools that claim to heal a variety of physical ailments, and many “power places” where you feel the life force energy from the center of Mother Earth.
Reiki heals by removing energy blockages and imbalances allowing subtle energy channels of the body to open and function properly in order for natural healing to occur. Reiki often brings new awareness of the mental, emotional and spiritual levels enabling the receiver to leave behind life-limiting emotional pain.
Bjorg can feel where there are blockages and trauma stored in your body. Using her fingertips, she is able to know where to be, your body speaks to her about its pain. She will gently help you release the old trauma.
Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, or spiritual healing a branch of complementary and alternative medicine, holds the belief that a healer can channel healing energy into the person seeking help by different methods: hands-on, hands-off, and distant (or absent) where the patient and healer are in different locations. There are various schools of energy healing. It is known as biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, contact healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, Reiki or Spiritual healing is largely non-denominational: practitioners do not see traditional religious faith as a prerequisite for effecting a cure.

These are some recommendations:
  • Cynthia Austin Wilson commented: "You can really feel the difference before she works on you and after...WOW oh WOW! The healing energy is off the charts and out of this world! You will leave a new person"
  • Gina Spriggs posted: "Recently had an amazing healing session with Bjorg....Trust me...I highly recommend her!"
  • Angela Bridges said: "Before my sessions with Bjorg, I was in so much pain -- both physical and emotional -- that I really didn't believe she would be able to help me, but I was very surprised. After the first session, within a day or two, a lot of the emotional stuff had cleared out, and the physical was lessened greatly." 
Contact Information:
Phone (704) 491-9842
Email bjorgbenmakhlouf@hotmail.com

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