July 26 ~ Charlotte View: Getting Comfortable With Emotions 07/26 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Showtime: FRIDAY JULY, 26 
CALL IN NUMBER (805) 830-8344 
To register email to Info@tracybecker.com with the subject line  
"Register my name and send me a free meditation!"

Description: Charlotte View welcomes back Tracy Becker, founder and developer of Limitless Life, Love, Mind & Possibilities a process designed to help you transform your life into the greatest and grandest version you can imagine and beyond.

Are you afraid of what you feel? 

Scared that the emotion will cover you over like a tsunami and drag you out to sea? 

Terrified your emotions will take over your life?

Emotions control your thinking, behavior and actions.  Emotions affect your physical bodies as much as your body affects your feelings and thinking.  People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just ventilate their emotions, are setting themselves up for physical illness.  Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body or in the aura can cause serious illness, including cancer, arthritis, and many types of chronic illnesses.  Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, negativity, frustration and depression cause chemical reactions in your body that are very different from the chemicals released when you feel positive emotions such as happy, content, loved, accepted.
During this episode you will learn
  •  How to heal and release toxic emotions
  • How to acknowledge and recognize the message found behind each emotion
  • How to identify the emotion by its color, shape, texture, belief patterns and defense mechanisms
  • How to use your meditation practice (Managing the Mind) to become more aware of your emotional patterns.
  • Understanding the origin of your emotions and how to express them in a healthy and loving ways.
Find a quiet place, and settle in for an amazing call.
Thank you for joining us in this Transformation Journey!
Tracy Becker and the Charlotte View Team
tracy@tracybecker.com  /  704-873-7816 EXT 1

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