Aug 19 ~ Charlotte View: "Astrology, Divination & Mythology" by 08/19 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Science Podcasts

Aug 19 ~ Charlotte View: "Astrology, Divination & Mythology" by 08/19 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Science Podcasts

Charlotte View welcomes Blake Thews with the topic: "Astrology, Divination & Mythology" How the Spiritual World Communicates with Us
Blake is the founder of Leo Moon Rising where she shares her knowledge on Astrology, Divination and Mythology and how they relate to each other. She believes they should be seen as ancient tools that are here to help us learn more about who we are and why we do the things we do. She is also a yoga instructor and a writer.

For much of human history, the heavens above were the home of the Great Gods, the forces that control and shape the fate of nations. Sky-signs such as the movements of the planets and the stars revealed their actions, will and desires. By observing and understanding their significance, we might have a key to destiny and the way the cosmos is unfolding. This is the central motivation for what became Astrology, the knowledge or way of the stars.
Astrology is an unique blend of science, symbolism, magic, and fate. Today it flourishes as a subculture, providing many people with an insight into how their lives connect with the world of myths and symbols.
1. Understanding what makes you who you are
2. Knowing the skill and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime
3. Determining your Life Path
4. Understanding the cycles of your life.
5. Relationship compatibility.
6. Determining the best career.
7. Determining when to begin a project or new enterprise.
8. Looking at the pros and cons of relocation.
9. Find out what your karmic influences are.
10. Look at the year ahead

Fuego/Element Fire

Basic Attributes: creative, passionate, dynamic, hot-tempered, active, independent, dangerous, intuitive, masculine
We’ve all likely heard the phrase “If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned” more than once in our lives. Most of us have probably found this to be true firsthand, whether figuratively, literally, or both. Fire can be irresistible – it’s beauty, it’s intensity, and it’s powerful ability to change or transform something immediately draw us in. In Tarot, Fire is represented by Wands (Clubs in a regular deck of cards).

Fire signs typically are quick to accept a challenge or chase and like to feel decisions are inspired and spiritually linked. Expression is founded in creativity – bringing something new into the world, whether by fighting for new ground, ruling with flair, or searching for higher truth.
Astrologically, Fire takes the form of:

Stay Grounded/Element Earth
Basic Attributes: Solid, practical, steady, fertile, manifesting, feminine, sensual
Imagine standing outside barefoot with your feet connecting to the earth. What kind of ground comes to mind for you? Is it a warm, sandy beach? Or a cool, grassy lawn? Maybe it’s wet mud that squishes between your toes, or a dry and cracked clay that leaves your feet coated with orange dust.
The element of Earth represents the energy of being present in the material world, where one is able to manifest the intangible into the tangible, the immaterial into the material. Earth is a feminine element, meaning it is receptive and often waits for energy to come to it rather than initiating action. In Tarot, Earth is represented by Pentacles (Diamonds in a regular deck of cards).

Blowin in the Wind/Element Air
Basic Attributes: communication-oriented, social, lives in the mental planes, masculine, idea-oriented, verbal, rational
“Blowin in the Wind” was written and released by Bob Dylan in the early sixties when he was about 20/21 years of age. Who of us born and raised in the US between the mid 1950s and 1980 didn’t grow up with this song at least in the background of our childhood? It’s a spiritual anthem that can be considered to address a plethora of human issues and events. The song’s simplicity and ambiguity has frustrated some, but also inspired millions.
The element of Air represents the energy of communication in any form, be it writing, speaking, playing music, singing, developing technology, etc. Air is also associated with various mediums such as radio, tv, and computers. Air is a masculine element, meaning it is initiating and often takes action rather than waiting for change to come to it first. In Tarot, Air is represented by Swords (Spades in a regular deck of cards).

Water, Water, Everywhere

Basic Attributes: emotional, intuitive, controlling, morphing, feelings, relationships, love, life-giving, fertile
Water is the mother of all elements, constituting roughly 70 percent of both our bodies and the planet. Does anyone else think that correlation is significant?? We are of this planet, and this planet is of us.
Water nurtures, brings life, sustains life, and takes life away. It is the most powerful, impactful, and necessary element. Before animals can even breathe or touch the ground with their feet, they need water to live; we wouldn’t exist to take those first breaths if water hadn’t sustained us through gestation.
Water changes – morphs – as it adapts to the environment and temperatures around it. It can be a solid, liquid, or gas, and it is a conduit for many other substances in it as it moves energy around our planet.
The element of Water represents the energy of basic life functioning, yet it’s power to destroy is also immense. Water is a feminine element, meaning it is receptive and often waits for energy to come to it rather than initiating action, like a tsunami following an earthquake. In Tarot, Water is represented by Cups (Hearts in a regular deck of cards).

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