Charlotte View: Max The Ancient Crystal Skull in Charlotte 09/30 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Charlotte View: Max The Ancient Crystal Skull in Charlotte 09/30 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Showtime: Monday, September 30, at NOON (EDT)
Category: Ancient Skulls
Call in Number: (805) 830-8344
Duration: up to 60 minutes
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Opening Song:  TBD
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Description: Charlotte View proudly presents a special interview about Max, The Ancient Crystal Skull presented by Nana Hendricks. Having Max in Charlotte (October 4-6, 2013) is possible thanks to Beatrice Bates Gordon (Conversations with Bea & Divine Angelic Connection) and Carol Lovell Calvert  (Lighting Up Charlotte)

The focus of the interview will be global peace, light and love. During this interview you will:

  • listen to a presentation from JoAnn Parks, the keeper of Max.
  • Learn the history, legends and scientific studies on the skulls.
  • Journey into a guided meditation will lead us through DNA / Lightbody Activations.
  • Create a portal of Light and Love for the planet and send it out through the grid.
  • Channeled Message from Max and the Universal Peace Message that Max has given to the world
To register for Saturday Night, October 5, Group Special Event  : $35 Pay at Door, Must Be Preregistered
If you are still unsure of the meaning of a crystal skull, take a moment and go gaze into a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes. See the soul looking back at you and know that it carries vast wisdom and ancient knowledge. Your soul remembers itself beyond this lifetime, beyond human form. If you look deep enough, maybe you will remember and recall the depth and beauty of your own soul. And, if you need a little re-minder, maybe a crystalline reflection would help you see more clearly.
Reservations for Private 30 Minute Viewings / 30 Minute Group Viewing / Adding Channeling or Activation :

Donna Orlandi 828-707-2162 or Limited Seating!  Register Early!

Max and the Mayan Legend

An ancient Mayan legend tells of 13, life-sized crystal skulls that will be re-discovered in current times and brought together so humanity can use their collective powers, according to the release.
Max is one of only two skulls identified and authenticated by multiple scientific research organizations to be in the world as of today, the release states.The British Museum and many other archaeological authorities consider Max to be one of the rarest artifacts ever found, discovered in Guatemala between 1924 and 1926. Max was used by Mayan priests for healing and prayer, then given to Norbu Chen, a powerful healer of the Tibetan sect of Red Hat Lamas, who traveled to study with these Mayan priests.Chen later gave the skull to JoAnne Parks. There have eight documentaries made over the past 20 years about Max The Ancient Crystal Skull, as seen on The Discovery Channel, History Channel, The Learning Channel network, Sci/Fi channel and numerous international channels in 22 countries, the release states.Max was the basis for the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.” Many who have touched Max have reported instantaneous healings, received information, seen visions, or experienced expanded psychic abilities, the release states.

Charlotte View Internet TV proudly presents a special video clip about Max, the Ancient Crystal Skull while it visited Charlotte, NC. Having Max in Charlotte (October 4-6, 2013) was possible thanks to Beatrice Bates Gordon (Conversations with Bea & Divine Angelic Connection) and Carol Lovell Calvert  (Lighting Up Charlotte). Traveling with Max we met JoAnn Parks (Keeper), Nana Hendricks (Channeler) and Donna Orlandi (Coordinator) 

For more information on Max, please read our blog and listen to a powerful on-demand Interview:

The Video Clip is the first production of Daniel Pureco, Co-Host and Show Presenter at Charlotte View.
Charlotte View is and Internet Radio and TV studio founded in 2011. A family-owned broadcasting company located in Charlotte, NC. Shows broadcast into the Internet Mondays and Fridays at Noon (EST). Live callers. We provide the platform for any business owner, professional and entrepreneur to create an interview which you can then use for marketing or promoting using the power of the Internet in all its Social Media.

Claudia Pureco
Executive Director 

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