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Calling all Christians- Homosexuals deserve "our" basic human rights too.

No matter what sexual preference you have, shouldn't everyone have the same basic human rights? Are you exempt, because you are a lesbian, a transgender, or gay? If Christianity does not agree with your supposed 'lifestyle choice", does that mean you are less than human in America, therefor undeserving of the basic human right to safety as the rest of us Christians?

Shane Windmeyer, director of Campus Pride, headquartered in Charlotte, NC posed this very question last Friday on Charlotte View. Campus Pride's mission (among others) is to hold colleges and universities accountable for the safety of it's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) students. After all, these students pay the same tuition as their heterosexual counterparts. Heterosexual students and parents expect the college/university staff to do everything in their power to ensure their children's safety while there. No excuses. If they drop the ball, there is hell to pay. As there should be. At…

Charlotte View visits our sponsor, Summerfield Tire and Service, atWaxhaw, NC

Charlotte View host +Claudia Pureco and +Jim Black (Land of the Waxhaws), visited our Sponsor, Summerfield Tire and Service, at their newly open repair shop in Waxhaw, NC.
First, we were greeted by a friendly staff and by the Manager, +Doug Emerson. Located to our right from the ample and bright reception room, we found a comfortable and inviting waiting room. There clients can pour a delicious DIY cup of coffee, read, use the internet (Free WiFi) and watch TV (already ordered).
Jim and I talked with owner, +Gary Summerfield, who welcomed us and proudly pointed out the new features in the facility. He explained his vision, walked us around the garage and interviewed with us. He talked about the history of Summerfield Tire and Service and the different services clients can find at their three auto-service garages conveniently located
Summerfield Tire and Service is a trusted Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin®, B F Goodrich®, Uniroyal®, and other leading industry names. . They are know…

2013, Jan 4 - Misconceptions, Generalizations and Misguided information in Anthropology Research

Last week we had a fantastic conversation with Dr. Richard Chacon and Dr. Ruben Mendoza, about their research and findings documented in their book "The Ethics of Anthropology and Amerindians Research". These college professors in the fields of Anthropology and Archaeology have dedicated many years of extensive research to publish this book with hopes that students, colleagues and the public in general are aware of the dangers of generalizations when reporting or studying Amerindians (term used to define any group of Indians/indigenous people that are original from the American Continent). In our conversation we talked about Amerindians and we post the question: Do/Did they always live in harmony with nature and with each-other?

"It is very damaging to assume that all groups of Amerindians, always in history, have been peaceful, nature-loving and children-like creatures" said Dr. Chacon while citing words or common misconceptions commonly accepted as truths in the …