Feb 14 ~ Charlotte View presents: Stop Being Single 5 New Rules of the Decade by Dr. Dar

Feb 14 ~ Charlotte View presents: Stop Being Single 5

 New Rules of Decade by Dr. Dar

Based on her seminar/workshop  

"Dating & Love & Sex & Dreams" in Charlotte, NC

Dating skills to find love and be loved in a committed relationship that's uniquely yours.
Help successful single women stop being single, love and be loved, and have lasting relationships that are uniquely theirs.
Company Overview
Stop Being Single was created by @AskDrDar for single women who are successful in their careers but suck at relationships, dating and love.

Charlotte View's Valentine Day with Dr. Dar 

Charlotte View is pleased to announce our Valentine's Day most avid advocate, Dr. Darshana Hawks "Dr.Dar". She is the Founder of Stop Being Single, a Human Design based system that increases your chances to find love and be loved in a committed relationship that's uniquely yours. Dr. Dar is helping hundreds of successful single women stop being single, love and be loved, and have lasting relationships that are uniquely theirs.
Based on her seminar/workshop ""Dating & Love & Sex & Dreams" that has been of great success in Charlotte, NC

It is only natural for those interested in the Human Design System to want to know how the knowledge can be applied to their relationships with others. After all, since the knowledge can tell us so much about ourselves, it stands to reason that it can also tell us much about how and in what way we have a predisposition to interact with specific others.

The most intimate sharing of two people is through their aura to aura connections - where the conditioning field from one to the other takes place immediately and continuously. Have you ever wondered why the chemistry between you and your parents and siblings remains consistent no matter how much life experience you have had?
There are many things to consider:
  • Should it be type for type, as in Generators with Generators, Projectors with Projectors?
  • What affect does the profile have on the connection?
  • What chemistry operates within the play of someone having one Gate and their partner (or partner to be) having the Gate at the other end of the channel?
  • Does it impact us if two people share the same Channel?
  • What is the affect if their partner has not one Channel the same?
  • What is the result of someone having a full Channel and someone else having just a Gate in that channel?
  • What if their predisposition in environment is the different?
  • Does the patterning beneath the line have an affect?
  • What if one person has Open Centres where the partner has fixed centres?
These and many other questions can be answered with the help of a trained analyst.

Love & Be Loved Take Away:  

  • Go away refreshed, energized, and full of committed connection with your partner.
  • Learn communication tools that will deepen your emotional connection.
  • Ask for and get your needs met inside and outside the relationship.
  • Learn how to communicate so that you are heard and loved.
  • Create a mutually satisfying long lasting love affair with your partner!

Why Dr. Dar 
Dr. Dar has learned what it takes to create a long lasting, supportive, and loving relationship – she has been joyfully married for almost 14 years…to the same fabulous man.
She has decades of training in communication, relationships, human behavior, coaching, and more…and she wants to share it all with you on this special night of celebration of love and couple-hood.
Learn more about Dr. Dar here

 Join Us for a Special Transmission of Communication!

 Love Him, Love Her by Dr. Dar

for couples who are looking to bring back happiness to their relationship

Dr. Dar's Exceptional Relationship Tools Involve the Human Design System and Other Love Tools that Will Leave You Amazed.

  • Communication Magic – Tools to Promote Love through Talking and Being Heard
  • Learn the 5 motivations for taking action in your relationship and what motivates your partner
  • Trigger Pattern Disruption – Managing through your partner’s emotion/upset
  • 3 Ways your Human Design is Helping or Hurting Your Relationship
  • Special Edible Munchies
  • A glass of wine to toast each other in the name of LOVE
  • 20 Minute Love Light Resonance Couples Session with Carol Calvert at the Light Retreat

I've been sharing with some of you about the Human Design System and how it can change lives..Dr. Dar 

1. Immediate Benefits of Knowing Your Design
2. Three Effortless Ways to be your Self
3.The Inner Authority for Clear Decision Making
4.The Release of Attempting to Control Aspects of Your Life...
5.Freedom from What Others Think of You
6.Transform Mis-Takes to Miracles
7.Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others, Leverage the Strengths of Each Other
8.Laugh More
9.Build the Power of Trust
10.Gain the Confidence to Know, Love. and Live Your Life Full Out
11.Experience Profound Growth and Expansion
12.Be Madly in Love With Your Self http://www.relationshipsuccessexpert.com/human-design/

What Couples Say:

                                                                                                                              “With Dr. Dar, I feel hopeful about my future and my relationship with my future partner. I also feel secure in knowing I have  “With Dr. Dar, I feel hopeful about my future and my relationship with my future partner. I also feel secure in knowing I have practical tools to use to continue to transform dating to find love and the thriving partnership I truly want with all my heart.”
“Dr. Dar’s gift of spiritual Truths come freely out of her during a conversation as if she’s been working and living these Truths most of her life. She embodies everything a Coach should be, in my opinion. Wise, Truthful, sincere, loyal, fair, Honest, and most of all, Wise. What we look for in going to someone else for help in whatever areas we are working towards in our lives is someone who knows more than we do, that can already see the bigger picture.  She is wise beyond her years, a coach that I am only too honored to have found. Since I was experiencing my current, 20 year relationship as less than wonderful, I hired Dr. Dar to coach me and then to coach both my husband and me. Dr. Dar’s work with us covered soup to nuts – meaning from grocery shopping to finances to dissecting a simple communication interchange to sex. After our work with her, I began to notice that my communication with others was cleaner, more precise and I am learning to be clear about when agreements are made and what they really are and to be aware when they are left incomplete and what the results are. I have and would refer Dr. Dar to others because of her commitment to her clients and the work that she does with purpose and clean intention. She produces in hours what it would take others months – even years. I have worked with many coaches and counselors and Dr. Dar stands out because of her ability to listen behind the words and to ask the very laser-like questions that get to the heart of the matter in ways that allow the client to discover underlying patterns that have held them stuck for years.   My daughter was in an abusive relationship and Dr. Dar accomplished in 4 hours what a psychologist could not in 10 months!”
“I felt the energy shift during our session, and within weeks the new and wonderful changes started manifesting in our lives personally and in our relationship. My husband had work within a few weeks that was fulfilling to him both emotionally and financially. Since one of the biggest challenges in our relationship was my frustration with being the “money maker”, once my husband had work I felt more enthusiasm about getting back to work myself, and my business is starting to be productive again. It feels as though a big stumbling block has been removed: a stumbling block that almost led us to separating. We are communicating better, we’re kinder to each other, and we enjoy being together again. We both treat each other respectfully … not because we “should”, but because we want to. Dr. Dar assisted us in taking what feels like giant steps in our personal growth, which of course is reflected in our marriage.We feel in love again. Dr. Dar has been a blessing to our marriage.”

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