Aug 4 ~ Charlotte View: Project Hope Exchange: Give Hope, Get Hope, in 30 Sec! 08/04 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Self Help Podcasts

Aug 4 ~ Charlotte View: Project Hope Exchange: Give Hope, Get Hope, in 30 Sec! 08/04 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Self Help Podcasts

Are we capable to Give Hope or Get Hope in only 30 seconds???

A2A Alliance  / Life Vest Inside   /  Jeff Bell   /  Charlotte View Internet Radio

Call (805) 830-8344

Showtime:     8/4/2014 at 12:00:00 PM Eastern Time /  9:00 AM Pacific

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There are 7.5 billion people abiding on Earth. Every single day, there are BILLIONS of people who in one way or another turn their attention to a Higher Power and invoke the Light of God into their lives. These heartfelt pleas are always heard and they are always answered. The Light of God is infinitely more powerful than the fragmented and fear-based thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs, and memories being expressed by Humanity’s wayward human egos.

It is time for each and every one of us to be involved, and we need to take whatever action is possible, both locally and globally, to assist each other in the Family of Humanity. All we need to do now is to consecrate our hearts and minds to be the Open Door for the Light of HOPE that will accomplish this mighty feat.


Charlotte View interview with Jeff Bell. He is the Founder of the The Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance (A2A Alliance) and Co-creator of Project Hope Exchange (PHE). Jeff has many years of serving as a national spokesperson for mental health. He's found, again and again, that imparting hope to others gives him great hope. It fuels his resilience in ways difficult to understand or explain.  But he's also come to realize that not everyone has the hope-giving opportunities he has had, and that’s why he's pleased to share with our listeners one option you might consider exploring.
Give hope. Get hope. All in 30 seconds! What if you could do just that and start spreading hope around the world?
Through Project Hope Exchange and in partnership with Life Vest Inside, they are collecting, aggregating and sharing 30-second audio messages from individuals (just like you) who have survived some kind of adversity to others who are currently facing that same adversity. And at the heart of this exchange are real human voices. It is their hope you’ll add yours!
  • To leave a 30-second Message of Hope, simply call our Hope Line at 1-855-975-HOPE (4673) or visit our Give Hope page
  • To hear an adversity-specific Message of Hope, check out our Get Hope page


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