Nov 21 ~ Charlotte View: The Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show (805) 830-8344 11/21 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Nov 21 ~ Charlotte View: The Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show (805) 830-8344 11/21 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Nov 21 ~ Charlotte View presents:  The Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show (805) 830-8344
Broadcast in Spirituality
Friday, Nov 21 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time /  11 am Central / 10 am Mountain  /   9 am Pacific
Call in to speak with the host (805) 830-8344

Along with sharing pieces of the information she has gathered in her many years
of spirit communication, Ann is taking live calls to answer one question you
mostly need clarity on; questions can be in any area of your life: love,
friendship, work, purpose in life, hearing for loved ones, getting messages
from spirit, etc.

Ann Carter is an amazing psychic medium who is steadily growing quite a name for
herself in the Charlotte area. Her unique ability to connect with spirit makes
her an enlightened spiritual counselor and life path reader. Again and again
testimonies from customers describer her as being simply "Spot ON!".

Ann offers answers to a wide variety of questions and spiritual guidance to those
in need of help. Known for her incredible connection with the spirit world, she
has also been able to help earth-bound spirits cross over. 

This remarkable clairvoyant is a Level III Reiki practitioner. She works with Tarot
Cards and may use them during readings, often prefers direct contact with
spirit, angels and spirit guides.

For Private Readings: /

Ann offers many different classes.  Schedule a class for a small group or sign up for an on line webinar.

Meeting Your Guides - This is the first step to learn who are your guides, where did they come from and why you have them.  Learn the difference between Guides and Angels, ascended Masters and Outer Band Guides.  Ann will help you discover your own guides through meditation and personal support. Ann will help you meet your Gate Keeper Guide during this class and you may meet more!  

Communicating With Your Guides- Now that you meet them, what's next?  How do you communicate with them?  How do you know it's them talking in your head and not you?  This class will help you set up your own personal communication so you can communicate with your Guides and Angels. Ann will help you discover your method of communication so you can strengthen your skills.  After this class,  you will continue to communicate with your guides on your own, or you can book time with Ann for one on one support if needed.

Psychic Development Course- This is design for those who are ready to strengthen there 5 senses on a psychic level.  Everyone has the ability, just not everyone wants to take the step.  With this course of three classes, you will learn your own strength sense and how to make it stronger.  Learn how to see with your third eye, listen with your spiritual ears and feel the energy yourself. Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient

Principles of Mediumship- If you want to be a Medium, you must understand the universal principles.  Learn how to insure you are personally grounded before becoming spiritually grounded.  After taking this class, you will have a clear foundation of what is a Medium how to begin the steps to becoming a Medium.  We highly recommend this class for anyone who is interested in the learning more about this world.

Guided Meditation - Do you feel you have difficulty with meditation?  Not sure how to meditate?  This is the perfect class for you!  Learn 3 basic meditation methods that many psychics and mediums use.  Discover your own method through this class with Ann's help.  Ann will lead the mediation and help you discover your road blocks that get in the way when you meditate. 

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