Dec 8 ~ Charlotte View: Autism, Blue Angels on Earth by Mariame Boujlil ~ WAFAC 12/08 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Education Podcasts

Dec 8 ~ Charlotte View: Autism, Blue Angels on Earth by Mariame Boujlil ~ WAFAC 12/08 by Charlotte View Internet Radio | Education Podcasts

It is estimated that 1 in 68 births is diagnosed with autism. (CDC, 2014). Autism is a life long developmental disorder, and as yet there is no cure. Raise awareness with Charlotte View, listen and share. In 2006,Mariame Boujlil, a mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, founded the 501(c)(3), non profit organization, "World Alliance for Families & Children" WAFAC, Inc. With over 100 members it holds the mission to support individuals with Autism and their families, by expanding and enhancing opportunities to improve quality of life. On October 25 of 2014, WAFAC obtained from the Mayor of Charlotte, Daniel G. Clodfelter, a Proclamation of "Blue Angels Day".
The data continue to show that ASD is almost five times more common among boys than girls: 1 in 42 boys versus 1 in 189 girls. White children are more likely to be identified as having ASD than are black or Hispanic children.
Autism is used to describe someone who lives in a world of his/her own. In medical terms, autism is a brain-based developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, be with other people, and engage in developmentally appropriate behaviours. Children do not “outgrow” autism but symptoms may lessen or change as the child develops and receives educational interventions.

From birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. Track your child’s development and act early if you have a concern.

WAFAC has developed several programs that will be explained during our interview, including: Social Skill Education; Life Skill Education;
Recreational Programs; Connections Parent Support Groups; Special Interest Program expansions Family Gatherings; Autism Awareness presentations in the community. Mariame will talk about their After_School/Respite program as well the construction of the "Multi-sensory Room"
These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using lighting effects, color, sounds, music, scents and so on, to address some of the issues caused bysensory problems. The combination of different materials on a wall may be explored using tactile senses, and the floor may be adjusted to stimulate the sense of balance. Ideally, Snoezelen is a non-directive therapy and can be staged to provide a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus, simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the specific needs of the client at the time of use.
Studies have reported a decrease in tactile defensiveness, improvement in communicationskills, reduction in stress, reduction in self injurious behaviors, improvement of staff/clientinteraction, increase in length of calmness, and increase in skill repertoire. In a study using amulti-sensory room with older people with dementia found that a multi-sensory environmentfacilitated relaxation and communication, appearing to offer potential as an adjunct to thecare of older people with dementia (Hope, 1997). An example of the impact MSE had on onestudent, Zoe, was described through a narrative in Pagliano’s Multisensory Environments(1999). Zoe was extremely tactile defensive and had loud vocal outbursts (similar to a cockatoo).In the MSE, however, she had no vocal outbursts and began to increase her tolerance oftactile stimulation (Pagliano, 1999). The use of multi-sensory rooms has emerged in a rangeof clinical arenas including mental health nursing, pain clinics, maternity and pediatric settings(Hope, 1997)
Join us to break the myths and learn the truth about autism! 

For more information contact Mariame Boujlil: 704-618-1489     /   Email:

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